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Medics’ career development opportunities amidst AFMS changes

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. G. Steve Cum
  • Chief, Medical Enlisted Force and Enlisted Corps Chief
When the Defense Health Agency assumes responsibility for delivering the health benefit in select MTFs on Oct. 1, medics will continue to have the same career development opportunities as before, if not more.

It’s no secret the Surgeon General, Lt. Gen. Dorothy Hogg, and I do our fair share of traveling, especially in light of this “transition,” as some like to call it. We talk with a lot of Airmen, and for good reason some are worried about their careers. Concern is natural, as long as you do not let it consume you. When it comes to jobs, career, and family we should all have good situational awareness.

But first, let me say something about this transition. In my view, this is more of a partnership. We have been working side by side with the DHA since it stood up. For years, we have worked together to ensure medical Airmen are ready for wartime missions, while at the same time ensuring a medically ready Air Force. Come Oct. 1, the DHA will implement policies and instructions in MTFs, and we will partner with them to ensure beneficiaries continue receiving the Trusted Care you provide every day.

The fact is increased involvement by the DHA in MTFs will offer you increased development opportunities, not fewer. We are continually evaluating and assessing programs to ensure you have the right training and skills to succeed. We are convinced more leadership and development opportunities are exactly what we need to build future AFMS joint medical warrior teams. We have a group of people on the Surgeon’s staff, a transition cell made up of functional experts, which meets every day to hammer out details to ensure the best outcome possible. I can tell you they have your back, as do I.

Let’s also look at a few things that will not change as the DHA’s role in MTFs matures. Your requirement to accomplish PME will remain unchanged. Your promotion system will remain unchanged. Your chance to volunteer for different duty stations, take part in special duty assignments, and cross train will remain unchanged. The need for Air Force medics will remain unchanged…your roles and positions are vitally important. Your Air Force leaders and supervisors on Sept. 30 will still be your leaders and supervisors on Oct. 1. And I can assure you, you are their top priority. You always have been.

For the time being, your development pyramid has not changed, but when it does it will be for the better. We are working with the DHA and sister services to develop you, the joint medical enlisted leader of the future. I encourage you to have an open mind and assist us in making this partnership with DHA a success. Together, we are better and stronger. Lt. Gen. Hogg and I will not let you down.

Thank you for your dedication and service!