22nd MDG partners with local medics

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Medics assigned to the 22nd Medical Group lift a collapsible litter May 9, 2018, during tactical medical training at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas. Airmen practiced receiving and handing-off a litter to and from an ambulance to increase their readiness in case of a real-world activation. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Alan Ricker)

MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, Kan. -- With the upcoming 2018 Frontiers in Flight Open House and Airshow scheduled for September 8, and the expectation to keep the large amount of visitors safe while they are having fun, the 22nd Medical Group and their local civilian medic counterparts are forming partnerships.

The partnership will allow 22 local medics to work with our medical staff to provide basic medical care and help coordinate emergency medical transport for serious issues.

“If anything should happen, civilian medics will provide emergency medical transport from the base to the hospitals downtown,” said Jilene Reichle, 22nd Medical Support Squadron emergency manager. “This is what they do on a daily occurrence, but during the airshow there will be patrols and more coordination to ensure the safety of the people is cared for more efficiently, especially with a larger amount of people in one area.”

During the airshow there will be about 160 medics split into eight medical teams that includes active members, Guard, Reserve and Sedgwick County partners.

“By creating a partnership, not only are we building relationships, but there are capabilities that the local community can provide that the base is not able to,” said Reichle. “Knowing this information gives both sides a more effective response.”

There will be two large medical tents as well as a few roving carts throughout the crowd to provide medical stations to handle issues from illness and injury to mass casualty disaster response if it becomes necessary.

“We will have the medics available but the best practice is preventative care,” said 2nd Lt. Michael Ellsworth, 22nd MDSS medical readiness flight commander. “If there is hot weather, we will expect more heat-related injuries and dehydration. Make sure you hydrate and take care of your body during the airshow.”

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