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Trusted Care vision drives Air Force Medical Service

  • Published
  • By Peter Holstein
  • Air Force Surgeon General Public Affairs
Trusted Care is the core of the Air Force Medical Service’s (AFMS) commitment to our patients. It informs everything, from how AFMS providers and staff interact with each other, to how we deliver care, and how we ensure patient safety.

So, exactly what is Trusted Care?

“Trusted Care is the AFMS culture and system that focuses on continuous learning and improving while partnering with patients and families in a single-minded focus on safety,” said Lt. Col. Christian Lyons, special assistant to the Air Force Surgeon General for Trusted Care.  “This culture is fostered by all of our Airmen when they embody and deliver the best and safest care for the patients we serve.”

Every level of the AFMS participates in the Trusted Care culture. Everyone, from headquarters leadership and medical group commanders, to providers, nurses and technicians is responsible for creating an environment that values patient engagement, safety and the willingness to ask “how can we do this better?”

“We make the AFMS stronger when we encourage innovation and the spread of leading practices,” said Lyons. “We seek to effectively and robustly communicate in a teamwork-oriented and multidisciplinary manner, and foster respect and just decision-making. That encourages all to speak up for safety, and show our resilient commitment to Trusted Care.”

Trusted Care means taking a systems approach to problem solving. If an error occurs, the AFMS looks beyond a short-term solution or corrective action. The AFMS aims to understand the root cause of an issue, and recognizes that very little happens in a vacuum. We seek innovative solutions to prevent future mistakes and improve access, quality, and safety from everyone in the organization.

Promoting and maintaining Trusted Care culture is a continuous process. There is no final step where the AFMS is satisfied with the end product. The nature of medicine and human systems means there will always be room for improvement, and space to empower new voices to improve how we care for our patients.

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