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Airmen's medical clearance reviews to be processed easier

Airmen's medical clearance reviews to be processed easier

Airmen's medical clearance reviews to be processed easier. Airmen can now select reviews through their "MyIMR" accounts. (Air Force Graphic)


Starting Oct. 16, 2017, active duty Airmen will request select medical clearance reviews through a new module within their Individual Medical Readiness, or “MyIMR” account.

The Air Force Surgeon General’s office will soon release guidance to help Airmen use the new module. The medical clearance reviews available through MyIMR will include:

  • Retraining and reclassification
  • Commissioning
  • Initial Flying Class physicals
  • Special duty and developmental special duty
  • Overseas permanent change of station and continental United States PCS requiring an Air Force Form 422
  • Palace Chase and Palace Front
  • Professional military education requiring an Air Force Form 422

“This new, lean process is a significant improvement,” said Shane Frazier, a systems analyst in the Air Force 711th Human Performance Wing’s Human Systems Integration Directorate. “It’s a win for AFMS personnel because everything is streamlined, standardized, and automated. It’s also a win for the service member. What used to require a trip to the clinic -- or at least a phone call -- can now be done online.” 

The new module allows Airmen to request a medical review, send supporting documentation to the Base Operational Medical Clinic organizational inbox, check the status of reviews, and more. The intent is to create a process that is seamless to Airmen and has a central point of communication.

Frazier said the Directorate has conducted extensive testing of the new module, and solicited feedback from medical personnel and Airmen during the development process.

“We worked with five bases as we built the framework,” Frazier said. “Based on the feedback during testing, we were able to make changes and identify areas of confusion to address in training sessions. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth and user-friendly as possible.”

Air Force Medical personnel are scheduled to receive training in the new module in early October, followed by the rollout of the new process Oct. 16. 

BOMC is an occupational medicine, flight medicine, and deployment health focused clinic. The Directorate will continue to develop and release modules to streamline BOMC in the coming months.