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  • Eliminate the risk of secondhand smoke to your family

    You don’t have to be a routine smoker to feel the harmful health effects that cigarette smoke produces. Keeping the windows open in the car or house doesn’t eliminate the risk, either.
  • Suicide prevention month: stopping suicide is everyone’s battle

    September is Suicide Prevention Month, a time for Americans to build awareness and help understand suicide in our culture. More than 40,000 Americans lose their life due to suicide each year and research shows that rates in the military and the general population are very close. The loss of any one person to suicide is a tragedy, and that is why
  • Creation of the first Central Medical Establishment in World War II

    In the early days of World War II, Eighth Air Force Surgeon, Col. Malcolm C. Grow, grew concerned about the mental and physical well-being of aircrews within the command. To address these concerns, he first created a ‘Care of the Flyer’ section on his staff. Shortly thereafter, with the help of Col. Harry G. Armstrong, Grow stood up a medical research, development, and training facility in Great Britain to study additional ways to keep flyers in the air, eventually called the first Central Medical Establishment.
  • Gastroenterology clinic helps prevent colon cancer with early detection screenings

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – The 88th Medical Group gastroenterology clinic treats and provides screenings for a broad range of diseases of the digestive system.  Services provided at the clinic are colon cancer screenings and prevention. Other procedures also conducted are esophagogastroduodenoscopies (EGD) to examine the esophagus and
  • 59th Medical Wing airman named Outstanding Airman of the Year

    Senior Airman Nicole Moore, 59th Medical Wing medical technician, was recognized as one of the Air Force 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year for 2017, July 7th, 2017. An Air Force selection board at the Air Force Personnel Center considered 36 nominees who represented major commands, direct reporting units, field operating agencies and Headquarters Air Force. The board selected the final 12 Airmen based on superior leadership, job performance and personal achievements.
  • Take Charge of Your Health with TRICARE Preventive Services

    Taking your health for granted is easy to do when you’re feeling great. But seeing your doctor only when you feel terrible misses the point of preventive health care. It’s better to identify and manage potential health issues before you experience recognizable symptoms – and before they become life threatening. TRICARE covers many preventive health
  • Wright-Patterson medical Airman named Trusted Care Hero

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio –  “I remember hearing something from my sergeant in tech school and it just clicked in my head right away,” Airman Justin Morris said, reflecting on working sick call one day as a dental assistant technician apprentice, preparing to go through a set of sterilized mouth mirrors as care providers worked their
  • Staying cool under pressure

    Constantly on high alert, and not knowing when or where an attack might occur, serving in a deployed environment can test even the most experienced Airmen. For 16 members of the 446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron, a recent deployment to Afghanistan was anything but routine.
  • Air Force Military Treatment Facilities pilot medical readiness

    Air Force Medicine has a non-stop global readiness mission. Medical Airmen must be prepared to deploy on short notice to provide life-saving and performance-enhancing healthcare in diverse, austere, and isolated locations, and all Airmen must be medically ready to deploy. To achieve this readiness mission, the Air Force Medical Service operates 76
  • Taking care of our Airmen

    A recurring theme across the Air Force has consistently been “taking care of Airmen”. From your unit first sergeant, to your base mental health team, Airmen can take comfort in knowing that there is a team of trained and dedicated professionals looking after their well-being. In addition, they can rely on their sexual assault response