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  • Men's Health Month: 10 things you need to know

    Take charge of your health, gents! June is National Men’s Health month and there's a few things you need to know.
  • Men: Get Screened for Cancer Risk

    Your doctor calls to give you your test results.  Is it cancer? You are worried because cancer runs in your family. Luckily the tests come back clear. Although there’s no magic potion to prevent all cancers, you may be able to reduce your cancer risk by participating in recommended cancer screenings. Learn more about risk factors for cancers that
  • Mental health team builds bonds, shatters stigmas

    It can start with a simple conversation.“How are you?”“Yeah, I bet you see some crazy stuff at your job.”“That must have been really hard for you to process.”What at first seemed like a run-of-the-mill conversation, stemming from a friendly visit, was more than meets the eye. It was a check-in. It was non-invasive, and it was from a friendly face
  • Connection saves lives: be there to help prevent suicide

    You can make a difference for someone struggling with suicidal thoughts with as little as eye contact and a friendly smile, an arm around the shoulder, or a kind word at the right time. Everyone has a role to play in preventing suicide, a key theme of the Department of Defense’s #BeThere Campaign, which encourages making a difference through every
  • Healing from invisible wounds

    On Jan. 15, 2008, Senior Airman Christopher D’Angelo, a heavy equipment operator, was the lead gunner in an armored vehicle convoy on a road near Baghdad. The sun was shining and the air comfortable. His unit had just transported construction materials to forward operating bases and was currently scouting an area to see how they might transport heavy equipment.
  • Scott Air Force Base recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month

    Since 1949, May has been observed as National Mental Health Awareness Month, an opportunity to bring about greater awareness of psychological health concerns and conditions, to offer support for those who are living with these conditions, and to promote increased access to care and treatment.This month, the 375th Mental Health Clinic wants to
  • Airmen Resiliency Team provides 480th ISR Wing with medical, psychological and spiritual care

    Airmen of the 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing make life or death decisions every day to support warfighters around the world. To alleviate stress from these missions, the Air Force deployed a small group of medical, psychological and spiritual professionals called the Airmen Resiliency Team (ART), which is achieving
  • Jumping from the comfort zone

    Tech Sgt. Cortney Velez, a 435th Contingency Response Support Squadron independent duty medical technician, became U.S. Air Forces in Europe’s first female airborne IDMT after completing her first jump with the 435th Contingency Response Group, May 12, 2017 in Alzey, Germany.
  • Protecting your Child from Lead and Other Household Poisoning

    The word poison suggests a bubbling vial marked with skull and crossbones. However, poisonings can result from misuse of common household products or even from our home itself in the form of lead. Poisoning can happen all at once or gradually over time. TRICARE covers children’s blood lead testing at well-child care visits when medically necessary.
  • All have positive roles to play in preventing abuse

    Katz, an internationally known author, filmmaker, educator and cultural theorist, visited Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, April 12, as a guest of Air Force Space Command’s Sexual Assault Prevention Response Office for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month activities.