The Meaning of the Trusted Care Logo

Each element of the Trusted Care logo symbolizes a key aspect of our journey.

Graphic of Trusted Care Begins With Me Logo
  • Tagline chosen to promote the High Reliability Journey that every Airman is a part of

  • Zero Harm is explicitly highlighted as the primary commitment of Trusted Care

  • Single ring symbolizes all individuals being a part of one system

  • EKG signifies saving lives and promoting health

  • Heart embodies AFMS’s focus and dedication for patient- and family-centered care

  • Aircraft represents the mobility and global reach of care

  • Hands represent the support, collaboration, and partnership of providers and patients

Graphic of Trusted Care Begins With Me Logo

Dedicated to our mission of delivering Trusted Care

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For more information and resources, please visit the Trusted Care milSuite page. (Note: This site is restricted and requires a common access card; users without a common access card will receive a website error message)

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