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Significant Organizations

Wilford Hall Medical Center

Originally known as Station Hospital, San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center, its name was changed to USAF Hospital Lackland in 1957. The facility was the first large Air Force hospital providing treatment for the local military community and referrals from the around the globe, and training in all the main medical specialties. In October 1959, it became the first Air Force medical institution to offer wide-ranging facilities for clinical therapy, teaching and research. In Mar 1963, it was renamed Wilford Hall USAF Hospital after aeromedical evacuation pioneer, Maj Gen Wilford Hall. It has a storied history including support of space exploration and medical breakthroughs in aerobics and infant heart transplants, and aerobics, to name few.

USAF Hospital Wiesbaden, Germany

One of the most significant overseas medical facilities, it came under Air Force control in March 1945 when a 10-man American patrol occupied the hospital gate house. Over the years it became the focal point of U.S. aeromedical evacuation in Europe and operated as the largest Air Force hospital outside the continental U.S. until it was closed in 1993. Read more

Malcolm Grow Medical Center

Originally known as USAF Hospital Andrews, the hospital became operational 4 Aug 1958. It specialized in medical care for all branches of the military in the Washington, D.C. area. In the 1960s, hospital staff provided lift-off phase medical support and served on medical standby for the NASA Gemini space flights. The facility also housed the 10th Casualty Staging Facility, an aeromedical staging point for personnel returning from the Vietnam War. In 1973, the hospital housed the first and only Family Medicine Practice Residency Program in the Air Force.

David Grant Medical Center

Opening its doors on 1 Jul 1943 as the 4167 Station Hospital Fairfield-Suisun AAF, this medical facility began operations with 125 beds. The facility was renamed David Grant USAF Medical Center on 1 July 1966 in honor of the late Major General (Dr.) David Norvell Walker Grant (1891-1964). General Grant, a USAAF Medical Corps officer, was the first Surgeon General of the Army Air Corps and Army Air Forces. The medical center is the largest USAF medical facility on the west coast, servicing beneficiaries in 8 western states. It houses the world's 2nd largest chamber and one of the largest hyperbaric chambers in North America. Over the last 13 years, the chamber has not closed once due to system failure or malfunction.

Air Force Medicine


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