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Wanted: Disruptive Innovators

Graphic of Disruptive Innovation Program Logo

While some people resist change, others see it as an opportunity to influence positive outcomes. Which one are you? The AFMS is asking you to be the former, and created the Disruptive Innovation Program to encourage submissions of ideas to improve the AFMS.

Speak Up!

The Disruptive Innovation Program was designed to harness collective ingenuity by encouraging Airmen to challenge the status quo, and question old ways of doing things with fresh new solutions to elevate the AFMS. The program aims to accelerate the necessary oversight and leadership support needed to implement new ideas that will help the AFMS continue to maintain tactical and technical advantage.

“Times are changing. The way we deliver care is changing. The way we execute our missions is changing, which impacts how our operators perform the mission. We too must change or become irrelevant. We must encourage disruptive innovators. Support their ideas with resources. Then be early adopters when their ideas succeed.”

– Lt. Gen. Dorothy Hogg, Surgeon General of the Air Force

How does it work?

Airmen can participate by submitting their ideas here or through the Kx page.

Q. Where can I find help submitting my idea?

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Q. How long is the approval process?

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Q. How can I find out the status of my idea?

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Q. Will Airmen whose ideas are approved receive recognition or an award?

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Read about some of the innovative ideas we’ve adopted

Program Statistics

  • Total ideas received: 56
  • Total ideas implemented to date: 29 (51%)
  • Ideas received on average per year: 25

Current as of January 1, 2021