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Graphic of an Airman getting his ears checked

What is Air Force Medical Home?

Air Force Medical Home is transforming the way the Air Force Medical Service delivers health care, having a positive impact on the overall patient experience. Today, most patient interactions happen within one of more than 230 Air Force Medical Home clinics where Medical Airmen care for more than 1.1 million patients.

Primary care managers serve as an entry point into the military health care system and are helping to remove barriers to specialty providers. Research indicates that patients in medical home-style clinics make fewer trips to the emergency room and have fewer overall hospitalizations. This helps the Air Force Medical Service meet its goals of a better patient experience for our Airmen, their families and retirees.

Critical Role of Air Force Medical Home

The vast majority of Air Force medicine is executed in Air Force Medical Home clinics. There are more than 230 Air Force Medical Home clinics. These clinics provide Trusted Care to more than 1.1 million patients.

Air Force Medical Home History

The American Academy of Pediatrics established the first Medical Home concept as early as 1967. In 2001, the Air Force introduced the Primary Care Optimization model. Beginning in 2007, this involved primary care organizations coming together to release the Joint Principles of Patient-Centered Medical Home.

The Air Force Medical Home builds on existing Patient-Centered Medical Homes to transform base-level healthcare delivery from a model designed to maximize visits. With a focus on improving health and performance, commanders are enabled to accomplish missions, with patients achieving their health goals.

Graphic of the Air Force Medical Home Timeline