Graphic of an Airman getting blood pressure taken

AFMS Priorities

Graphic of a doctor holding a stethoscope up to a baby's head

Trusted Care Vision

The Air Force Medical Service is a continuous learning and improving organization that partners with patients and families in a single-minded focus on safety and Zero Harm.

Graphic of a doctor holding a medical device up to a patient's temple

Air Force Medical Home

Air Force Medical Home is transforming the way the Air Force Medical Service delivers health care, having a positive impact on the overall patient experience.

Graphic of an Airman having her blood pressure taken

Full Spectrum Medical Readiness

The Air Force Medical Service mission is to ensure medically fit forces, provide expeditionary medics, and improve the health of all we serve to meet our Nation’s needs.

Graphic of Airmen standing in front of a military aircraft

Integrated Operational Support

The Air Force Medical Service is a strong operational component of the U.S. Air Force, assisting in the mission to fly, fight, and win every day.