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True North +

To further improve Airmen resiliency and performance, the U.S. Air Force has integrated the True North and Operational Support Team programs to rebrand as True North+.

True North+ leverages the benefits of True North's embedded resilience teams while incorporating the risk-based analysis and capabilities of the Operational Support Team program. Program integration allows leaders to best utilize high-demand, limited resources to deliver resiliency, prevention, health intervention, and spiritual support to optimize readiness.

Both True North and Operational Support Team programs execute an embedded model where staff are assigned to units to identify and resolve unique occupational stressors and unit-specific needs. Integration also leverages the benefits of True North’s direct, in-unit access to behavioral and spiritual care while incorporating the medical risk-based analysis and operational health support capabilities of the Operational Support Team program.

True North + availability

True North + is currently available to many defenders and maintainers, with some locations having a wider availability of providers.

For a full list of locations and for additional program information, please visit the True North + SharePoint page. (Note: This site is restricted and requires a common access card; users without a common access card will receive a website error message)

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Updated February 27, 2024

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