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Welcome To The Patient And Family Engagement Toolkit

The Air Force Medical Service welcomes engaged patients and families as partners in making sure you and your family's care is safe and effective. In this toolkit, you'll find concrete advice and resources to help you effectively partner with your health care team.

Before the Visit: Be Prepared

Image of an Airman talking to a male patient at the doctor's office
  • Write down any questions, symptoms and concerns you have. Bring this list to your visit.
  • Bring a family member or friend - they can help you remember details.

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During the Visit: Speak Up

 Image of an Airman talking to an older male patient at the doctor's office
  • We respect and welcome you and your family to speak up!
  • Learn the 3 questions to ask your health care team.

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Use the TRICARE Online Patient Portal

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Help Us Make Your Health Care Better

Image of a civilian helping another civilian in an office setting
  • Volunteer to serve on your military treatment facility’s Patient and Family Partnership Council.
  • Complete Military Health System surveys, such as the Joint Outpatient Experience Survey. Complete an online Interactive Customer Evaluation or a paper-based comment card.

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