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Civilian Clerkship Rotations

Requirements of Civilian Medical Students

Before You Arrive

(6-12 months prior to your rotation)

  • Rotation Request: Ask your school to submit a Rotation Request to DGMC Clerkship: 60mdg.sgt.clerkship@us.af.mil. A Training Affiliation Agreement (TAA) must be current between DGMC and your organization. You will be notified by email when the Rotation Request has been approved. This process usually takes less than two weeks.
  • Upon approval, the GME Clerkship Coordinator will be in touch regarding next steps in the process. Requirements may include:
    • Base Access Applications (prepare to submit driver’s license and POV registration/insurance)
    • Fingerprints on Travis Air Force Base
    • Security Background Investigation
    • Common Access Card (CAC) ID Card issuance
    • Copies of BLS card and current immunizations
    • Online military training (cyber security, HIPAA and others)

Reporting In

  • Orientation: GME orientation is held Mondays at 0730 unless otherwise notified. Address: David Grant USAF Medical Center, 101 Bodin Circle – Bldg 777 Travis AFB, CA 94535. Report to the VTC Room (1A426) located on the 1st floor, North West Wing near the Chapel. Nearby staff parking lots are located on the north side the facility.
  • Plan to spend the entire day in orientation/ hospital in-processing.
  • Attire: Civilians may wear business casual. If you program prescribes the wear of scrubs or lab coats, you will be notified.


  • Out-Processing Checklist: The document can be found in your orientation folder. Start with release from your preceptor and work down the list in order.
  • Clerkship Coordinator: Final stop to GME where you turn in your completed Out-processing Checklist, rotation survey and your DGMC badge.


David Grant USAF Medical Center
GME Clerkship Coordinator - Rm 1A211
101 Bodin Circle – Bldg 777 Travis AFB, CA 94535
Tel: 707-423-7950 / DSN: 799-7950
Fax: 707-423-7952 DSN: 799-7952
Email: 60mdg.sgt.clerkship@us.af.mil