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Clerkship Program

New Rotations

Requests must be emailed to the Clerkship Office six to nine months prior to the desired rotation date. For more information, click on the appropriate link below:

Directions to Clerkship Coordinator’s Office

Upon entering facility from the north (main) entrance, immediately turn right before the information desk. Follow the hallway and pass through two hallway doors. The Graduate Medical Education Clerkship Office is located on the left, across from Classroom II, Room 1A211.

Student Information

In-Processing Requirements (due no later than 30 days prior to your rotation):

  • Immunization Record
  • AF Form 4394 (Active Duty members only)
  • DD Form 2875 (Active Duty members only)
  • Basic Life Support Certification
  • HIPAA Certificate (JKO only)
  • Cyber Awareness Challenge Certificate (JKO only)
  • School Evaluation Form (blank, from your educational institution)
  • Active Duty Orders, if applicable
  • Genesis Request Form

ID Cards: Systems access requires a valid Common Access Card card. If you are unable to obtain a CAC at your current duty station, request an appointment at the base ID Customer Service located at 540 Airlift Drive, Building 381, Wing D-100, Travis Air Force Base, California 94535, or call: 707-424-8483. Request an appointment 30-60 days prior to your arrival. The wait time for a walk-in (non-appointment) visit is three to five hours, and may affect your ADT at DGMC.

Lodging: For those traveling on orders, please call 707-424-8000 to reserve billeting. If space is unavailable on base, be sure to obtain a Non-Availability Statement from billeting. To avoid incurring personal expense, do not rent a car unless you have prior approval annotated on your orders.

In-Processing: Graduate Medical Education orientation is held Monday at 7:30 a.m. unless otherwise notified. Report to David Grant USAF Medical Center, 101 Bodin Circle, Travis Air Force Base, California 94535, north (main) entrance lobby. Nearby staff parking lots are located on the north side the facility. Plan to spend the entire day in orientation / hospital in-processing. Military members should report in the uniform of the day: OCPs. Military not on ADT Rotation may wear civilian attire. Civilians may wear business casual. If your program prescribes the wear of scrubs or lab coats, you will be notified.

Out-Processing: Checklists will be located inside your in-processing packets. Stops include preceptor release, public health, systems (if applicable), Genesis Office, and finally GME. At this time, the Clerkship Coordinator will collect your hospital badge and complete your orders (if applicable). Students are advised not to schedule early morning flights on out-processing days.


Contact Us

Clerkship Coordinator

Telephone: 707-423-7950
DSN: 799-7950
Fax: 707-423-7952
DSN: 799-7952

For questions or more information, contact both Points of Contact:

David Grant USAF Medical Center
Graduate Medical Education
ATTN: GME Clerkship Coordinator, Room 1A211
101 Bodin Circle, Building 777, Travis Air Force Base, California 94535-1800