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  • Constancy of purpose unwavering throughout change

    If you have followed military medical news recently, you know Congress directed changes in military medicine in an effort to reduce redundancies and improve efficiencies. Our unwavering commitment to Trusted Care makes the Air Force Medical Service ready to take on this challenge.
  • Stopping Sexual Assault – Not Just in April

    The truth is, the vast majority of Airmen we serve alongside have never – and will never – sexually assault another person in their lifetime. Let me say it again for the people in the back – the vast majority of our Airmen HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER harm another person. Hard stop.
  • The 2015 DoD Health Related Behaviors Survey Launches Worldwide

    Active Duty Service and Coast Guard members will be randomly selected to represent their Service branch and complete an anonymous Health Related Behaviors Survey (HRBS). The survey, accessed online, takes about 40 minutes to complete.The HRBS has been conducted approximately every three years since 1980 and is used to measure the health related
  • Lajes Field Airman, fellow travelers stop attack on French train

    A 65th Air Base Group Airman, along with two other friends traveling on personal leave, took immediate action to stop an attack and subdue an armed gunman on board a train in Northern France, Aug. 21, 2015.Airman First Class Spencer Stone, 65th Air Base Group, Lajes Air Base, Azores, saw an emergency situation arise and took immediate action to
  • Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program intent to apply due Oct. 2

    Eligible active-duty enlisted Airmen interested in pursuing a medical degree must submit their intent to apply emails to the Air Force Personnel Center no later than Oct. 2.
  • Enhancements to patient care

    While TRICARE Online and MiCare Secure Messaging may seem to offer similar services, there are several important differences to these software tools designed to enhance access to care for all military beneficiaries.According to a recent article by the Air Force Surgeon General Public Affairs office, both TRICARE Online and MiCare, allow
  • Get Answers to Your Medication Questions

    Have you ever picked up a prescription, got home and realized you had a question? Maybe you had a headache but weren’t sure how the pain reliever would work with another medication you take? You’re not alone. “Your safety is important to us. Don’t be afraid to call and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain prescription directions again if you
  • Next generation of prosthetics restore capabilities and even a sense of touch

    While athletes at the recently completed Warrior Games were able to run, jump and throw using some of the latest prosthetic arms and legs, the next generation of this technology will allow them to do much more.“We have developed prosthetics that interact directly with the brain and move much like a real limb. Beyond movement, these advances will
  • Dwell time, PT exemptions for new AF mothers increase to 1 year

    The six-month deferment for female Airmen to accomplish their fitness assessments following childbirth will be increased to 12 months to align with recent changes to the deployment deferments, Air Force officials announced July 14.The deployment deferment policy, as part of the Air Force’s 2015 Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, increases the
  • New MHS innovation chief looks to accelerate progress in health and readiness

    Innovation means more than inventing new widgets and programs that make life easier; it means changing a mindset. That's the view of the new chief of innovation for the Military Health System (MHS), Dr. Steve Steffensen, who sees major change in how health care must be delivered in the future."From an innovation perspective, the MHS needs to