Seventy one years ago today, the U.S. Air Force became an independent service, creating a new breed of warriors to own and protect the skies. Ever since, Airmen have protected America from air, space and cyberspace aggression.
Each squadron in the Air Force faces different stressors and health challenges that require unique solutions. General David Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, is leading an effort to revitalize Air Force squadrons.
Air National Guard Airmen are key to supporting Total Force readiness. Training agreements with civilian hospitals are vital to helping them achieve this support.
Sexual assault can be a deeply traumatizing event in anyone’s life. Across the Air Force, Airmen and their families have access to Sexual Assault Prevention and Response or Family Advocacy Program resources to get support and guidance on how to move forward.
One thing Airmen worry about when they deploy is the well-being of their family, especially children who may have a hard time coping with the challenges that come with a parent’s deployment. The impact of deployment on children is a key component of Airmen readiness. Knowing their family is well helps Airmen focus on the mission.


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Please see below for our June and July closures.
🚨 Patient Safety Alerts (2): misleading acetominophen liquid packaging could lead to acetominophen overdoses. Caution is advised regarding labeling and packaging of acetominophen liquid products now on store shelves at several leading chain pharmacies, such as CVS, Walgreens and others. The 240mL bottles of this product fail to indicate product strength. While the label states "500 mg," no volume is listed ot help users recognize the product strength is 500 mg in 15 mL (the equivalent of approximately one tablespooonful). At the same time, an accompanying dosing cup is only marked 30 mL, which is 1 gram, not 500 mg. Information about the proper strength and dose is printed in the accompanying drug facts panel. However, unless the drugs facts panel is peeled open, the information may be missed. Thus, it is possible consumers may be misled into double dosing - a 2 gram dose if the user believes 30 mL marks a 500 mg dose. See second in comment section.
Happy Nurse and Medical Technician Appreciation Week! Our Nurses and Medical Technicians play an integral role in providing you with Trusted Care every day here at Vandenberg. If you see one, feel free to say hello!
At 30 MDG, we're working harder than ever to ensure you get in sooner, with your PCM. Please read about this new program called RESET!
Attention Patients: This afternoon at 1400, the appointment line will be taken down, to support a hardware upgrade. We hope that this fix will address previously mentioned issues we've been experiencing with the phone tree that gives you numbered options when you call 606-CARE (2273). We are looking at a 1 hour downtime. As always, if you have an emegergency, please dial 9-1-1.
Please see below for our May and June closures. In order to maximize access to care for patients, we have elected to stay open on Wingman Day (24 May), as well as cancel our normally scheduled May training day. #TrustedCare
Please see below for our updated closure listing. In order to maximize access to your providers, we have elected to stay open all day on Wingman Day (24 May), as well as cancel our normally scheduled May Training Day. #TrustedCare
As a follow-up to our last post regarding ongoing appointment line technical issues, we'd like patients to know that if they call the clinic appointment line (805-606-2273) afterhours or on weekends, they may not receive the normal courtesy transfer to the Nurse Advice Line. The Nurse Advice Line is available (24/7, 365); however, Vandenberg patients may have to manually call 1-800-TRICARE, Option 1, until the issue is resolved. For more information about the Nurse Advice Line, please visit www.tricare.mil/contactus/callus/nal
UPDATE: The phone tree, which gives you the numbered options when you call the appointment line, is still unavailable; however you will be able to reach an appointment clerk at this time, if you call 805-606-CARE. Attention Beneficiaries: The appointment line (805-606-CARE) will be unavailable today from 1200~1300, in order to address a technical issue. Patients can book an appointment using www.tricareonline.com An update will be posted and as always, if you are suffering from a medical emergency, please dial 911, or proceed to the nearest emergency room.
🚨 Attention Pharmacy Customers: On 9 April 2018, the Scriptcenter Refill Dispensing Machine will be moved to the main entryway of the 30th Medical Group, bldg 13850, 338 S. Dakota Ave. This move will enable customers to pick up refills from the Scriptcenter machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! There will also be dedicated parking for the Scriptcenter customers. Please note, the option to request refills at the Scriptcenter will be turned off from April 2nd to April 11th, to help facilitate the move. Refills called in to the Scriptcenter before April 2nd will only be available until April 8th. To pick up refills at the ScriptCenter after April 11th: - Call 805-605-0200 and choose the Scriptcenter location (option 1) - Choose the Scriptcenter dispensing location when requesting your refills on Tricare Online You will need to bring the prescription number you requested if you are using the Scriptcenter for the first time. Prescriptions for controlled or refrigerated medications can NOT be placed in the the Scriptcenter machine and must be picked up at the Pharmacy window. Please call the Pharmacy directly at 805-606-7440 with any questions.
30 MDG is now offering to our beneficiaries: Walk-in Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screenings at our lab. If you are 18 years or older and would like to be tested, please come in to the lab during regular business hours and ask for a "routine check." ***No appointment is needed!*** If you are having symptoms of an infection, please schedule an appointment with your provider ASAP. If you have any questions, please contact the appointment line at 805-606-CARE.
Vandenberg Tricare Prime Beneficiaries: Many of you have received Tricare communication over the past few days advising of the recent waiver for referral authorizations being extended through 31 March 2018. While this is true, this applies as a whole to the Tricare West Region, serviced by HealthNet Federal Services (HNFS). Each treatment facility has been given specific directions regarding the referral process moving forward. Here at Vandenberg, we have began normal processing of referrals through HNFS as of 21 March 2018. All referrals placed on or after this date will be pushed to HNFS for approval. Communication on the status of your referral should go through HNFS. We continue to encourage all beneficiaries to register for a beneficiary account at www.tricare-west.com for the quickest way to check referral statuses and receive authorization letters. HNFS can also be contacted at 844-866-9378. If you have any questions, please contact the Tricare Office at 30 MDG either in person, or at 805-606-8624. Thank you.
🚨 PATIENT SAFETY ALERT: Bayer is recalling Alka-Seltzer Plus packages that were sold in the U.S. at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger and can be identified by checking the Bayer logo located on the front, lower left corner or the carton. The affected packages are being recalled because the ingredients on the front sticker may not match the actual product in the carton. Consumers may unknowingly ingest a product to which they may have an allergy or anaphylactic reaction, or an ingredient which may be contraindicated for their medical condition. Consumers who purchased packages of Alka-Seltzer Plus that are being recalled should stop using the product and contact Bayer with questions, to report any issues experienced, or for instuctions about how to receive a refund.
Since 20 February 2018, all referralls processed have fallen under a blanket waiver for immediate approval of Tricare-covered benefits. This waiver was retroactive to all referrals placed and not yet approved for the 2018 calendar year. ***As previously mentioned, the blanket waiver will be ending as of March 18, 2018.*** Any referral placed after this date will fall under the normal referral processing practices and will go through HealthNet for approval. The standard approval process may take up to five business days, for routine referrals. Referrals processed during the waiver period (any placed by 18 March), must be acted upon by 15 June 2018 (care received), or a new referral willl need to be placed. ***It is highly encouraged that you register for a beneficiary account at www.tricare-west.com to view approval letters, as they are no longer mailed to the beneficiary.*** For further quesitons, please visit www.tricare-west.com or contact the Tricare Office at the 30th Medical Group, either in person or at 805-606-8624. Thank you.
Today is the beginning of National Patient Safety Awareness Week. Please stop by the display in the hallway between the Laboratory/Radiology to check out promotional items we have available for you! Everyone in the Air Force health care process plays a role in delivering safe, reliable care. By uniting together in that common goal, we can make a difference in patient safety. #PatientSafetyWeek #TrustedCare
UPDATE: We have resumed normal operations. Attention: We are currently responding to an exercise emergency. Patient care has been temporarily suspended and the appointment line is temporarily unavailable. We anticipate resuming operations shortly. As always, if you are suffering from any medical emergency, dial 911 or proceed to nearest ER.
Need to see us tomorrow? If the S.I.C.K. Program has what you need and you’d like to skip waiting for an appointment, please stop by the Pharmacy and leave with what you need, same day! Please see flyer for details.
Please see below for our March and April closures.
Have you been taking care of your teeth? Check out these dental facts for some tips on how to keep them in shape!
IMPORTANT TRICARE UPDATE: We understand there have been growing pains with the 2018 Tricare transition. There have been delays in the approval of referrals, which subsequently may have delayed care. ***As of 20 Feb 18, the Defense Health Agency has issued a referral waiver for the Tricare West region under HealthNet Federal Services, authorizing all referrals placed from 1 Jan 18 through 18 Mar 18.*** If your referral has previously been approved, there is no impact to you. If you have a pending referral, or a new referral placed through 18 Mar 18, then you are authorized to see a Tricare-authorized provider for the referred services. Referrals must still be placed by your PCM and care must be received by 15 Jun 18. Referrals placed after 18 Mar or care received after 15 Jun will need to go through the normal approval process with HealthNet. Please visit the 30 MDG Tricare office for more information on how to utilize the waiver in receiving speciality care, to avoid any erroneous future billings. For further questions, please visit www.tricare-west.com or contact the 30 MDG Tricare office at 805-605-6624. Thank you.
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@GenDaveGoldfein Seventy one years of warriors, innovators, and caregivers! #AF71 #TrustedCare
@thejointstaff @usairforce Seventy one years of warriors, innovators, and caregivers! #AF71 #TrustedCare
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