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The goal of Family Advocacy is to build healthy communities by offering relevant resources to help families thrive. Below are classes and services offered by Family Advocacy; go to the Base Calendar to find out when the next class is!

Self Improvement Classes

Anger Management Class: Learn to be in charge of yourself.

Stress Management Class: Learn to cope with family and work stress.

Core Communication:Increase your ability to understand and be understood.

Team Talks: 10 minute talks at your workplace on life topics of your choice.

Host a Class:We can bring any of our classes right to your work place.  Invite just your unit or host for the entire base.

New Parent Classes

Pregnancy Right Start: Vital information and resources as you prepare to bring home baby.

Baby Care Basics: Learn the essentials of basic care and safety for that new member of the family.

Happiest Baby on the Block: 5 ways to calm a baby that work.

New Dad’s Class: Learn how to adapt to fatherhood from experienced dads.

Tiny Talkers Playgroup: Sign language class and play time for infants, toddlers and their parents.

Parenting with Love and Logic: How to raise responsible young kids. (6mos.-3yrs.)

Home Visits from our NPSP Nurses : Get individual help in your home from our "Baby Whisperers."

Family Relational Classes

Couple’s Communication: Learn to understand each other and make great decisions together.

Couple’s Therapy: Resolve issues for a peaceful home environment.

Parenting with Love and Logic: How to raise responsible elementary age kids and teenagers.

Family Violence Intervention

Change Step Group for Men: Men taking a stand for peace in their families.

Boundaries Group for Women: Developing healthy relational patterns.

Skills, Strengths, Techniques, and Resources (SSTAR): An overview of our principles, classes, and resources.

Safety Planning Class: Learn to keep yourself and your children safe if violence has occurred in your family.

Domestic Assault Victim's Advocate (DAVA) Consultation: Advocacy and support for survivors of all types of domestic abuse.

Most families respond favorably to the treatment of domestic violence and do not have repeat incidents. Some domestic violence is severe and very dangerous. Timely professional assessment is critical.

If you or someone you know has been the offender or survivor of adult or child maltreatment there is help. Call Family Advocacy and initiate a journey toward safe, healthy family life.

For warning signs of violence, visit: http://www.thehotline.org/is-this-abuse/

PCS or TDY? Click this link to get the DAVA hotline in your forward location: DoD-Wide FAP Victim Response Contact List and 24-7 Hotline