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Local Clinic Information

Clinic Appointments: To make an appointment through the 35 MDG Appointment Line, call:

  • DSN: 226-6111
  • Commercial: 0176-77-6111
  • Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

If you have been seen at a specialty care and need a follow-up appointment, that clinic may give you a direct line to call. Otherwise, just call the general appointment line to book an appointment with them.

You can also schedule an appointment through the TRICARE Online (TOL) Patient Portal.

New Enrollee Brochure

To be able to book an appointment online, you must register for a TOL account. Active Duty members can use their CAC to login directly (no need to request a DS Logon or account). To learn more about getting a DS account visit the DEERS DoD Self-Service Access Center. Clicking "Appointments" takes you to the Appointments Center.

  • Make sure you have the right Military Health Care Facility (top right of the page). Click "Update" if it is incorrect and choose your MTF.
  • If your "Health Care Clinic" and "Primary Care Manager" display as "Unknown," you may not be properly enrolled at the 35 MDG. Please visit the Tricare Office or call DSN: 226-6000.
  • You can also view, change or cancel your appointments through the TOL Appointment Center. You will get up to three (3) e-mail or text message reminders for your appointment.

Specialty Referral Appointments:

You will need a referral from your PCM for services that the 35 MDG does not have. This includes certain procedures and specialty consultations. To secure an appointment with these providers, visit your PCM and ask about a referral. The Referral Management Center will call you to schedule an appointment once your referral is authorized.

PACAF Nurse Advice Line Now Available to TRICARE beneficiaries!

The Nurse Advice Line (NAL) is now available 24/7 for Misawa AB Tricare enrollees at no extra cost.  A Registered Nurse can answer your urgent care questions, give health care advice and schedule appointments within 24 hours at our clinics.

You can access the NAL through the following:

  • By Live Web/Video Chat: www.mhsnurseadviceline.com
  • Via Japanese cellphone (toll free): 0120-996-985
  • Via 35 MDG Appt Line (DSN phone): 226-6111, select option 3.
  • Via Direct DSN: 94+ (888) 901-7144
  • Via US cellphone on roaming: 1-800-TRICARE

If you have a medical emergency (threat to life, limb or eyesight) and need immediate medical attention, call 911 or go to the Urgent Care Clinic.

If you are not enrolled in TRICARE, please call the appointment line or go to the Urgent Care Clinic.

Keep Your Appointments! Avoid "No shows."

Check-in at your clinic at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. "No shows" waste time and money and take away appointment slots from someone who may need these most.

"No show" is defined as:

  • Showing up 10 minutes late for an appointment
  • Cancelling less than two (2) hours before an appointment
  • Not showing up for an appointment. Squadron Commanders and First Sergeants are notified when Active Duty members and their family members no-show at appointments. Protected health information and personal identifiable information are not included in these notifications.
  • No-shows for appointments at our Japanese host nation medical facilities show disrespect and reflect poorly on the 35 FW.

Make An Appointment

For any care that your primary care manager does not provide, such as urgent, routine, preventative, mental health, and specialty care, you will need a referral from your PCM. Find out more about how to obtain the necessary referral and authorization.

Online Appointing

You can book appointments online if you're:

  • A registered user on the TOL Secure Web Portal
  • Booking an appointment at a military hospital or clinic

Manage Your Appointments Now!

From the Appointment Center, you can:

  • Schedule, view or cancel appointments at your military hospital or clinic
  • Get up to three email or text message reminders about scheduled appointments

Read the TOL Appointment Center Brochure for more information.

To log in to the TOL Secure Web Portal, you need a Common Access Card, Premium DS Logon, or DFAS MyPay account. To learn more, please visit the DEERS DoD Self-Service Access Center.

Patient and Family Engagement

The Air Force Medical Service welcomes engaged patients and families as our partners in making sure your and your family's care is safe and effective. In the Patient and Family Engagement Toolkit, you'll find concrete advice and great resources that can help you partner with your healthcare team more effectively. Learn more about Patient and Family Engagement.


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