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New Arrivals: Medical Right Start

Kunichiwa! Welcome to Misawa!

You and your family’s health are important us. To get you started on the right track for your health care needs, we recommend that you do the following in the first two weeks of your arrival:

1. Transfer your TRICARE enrolment to TRICARE Prime Overseas - 35th Medical Group: Your enrollment to us assigns you to a Patient Care Manager (PCM) who is the team leader with regard to your healthcare. Do this by the first Friday or on the following Tuesday of your arrival.

Have your printed PCS orders on hand when you call TRICARE Prime Pacific Regional Call Center. Hours of Operation are Sundays 3 p.m. to Saturdays at 3 p.m. (US EST).

If using a Japanese cellphone: 0120-983-990
Via DSN phone: 99-0120-983-990 (30 secs of silence before connection)
Via US phone: 1-877-678-1208
Select Option 4 for Enrolments, then Option 3 for TOP Prime Enrollments.
If you need to be seen at the 35MDG before you can complete enrolment, please stop by the TRICARE Office on the Main Floor.
If you have any questions regarding your enrollment status, call DSN 226-6000.

2. DoD ID for Dependents who are Minors: Dependents 10 years old and above need to have their own DoD ID. If they don’t have this, go to DEERS at the MPF (building behind the Torii building) to get this completed.

3. Individual Medical Readiness (IMR): You should be green before you even left your previous base! You now belong to a Fighter Wing and must be “Ready to Fight” anytime. Public Health will provide reminder slips at Right Start for all those who have overdue items. To check your IMR status: https://imr.afms.mil/imr/MyIMR.aspx. Your IMR includes your occupational health assessment, periodic health assessment, immunizations and preventive health screens, and dental status. Take care of these overdue items while you are still in-processing and stay on top of it during your tour here.

4. Off-base medical records: If you were seen at off-base/civilian medical facilities, bring a printed copy or discs of your records to your PCM visit or to Medical Records (first floor of the hospital, right beside Pharmacy) so these can be uploaded into our system. We want to know what has been done so we don’t repeat procedures that can be costly or harmful to your health.

If you and your family members were immunized at a non-Air Force MTF, bring a printed copy of the record to the Immunizations Clinic as well.

5. Pregnant? If you (or your spouse) are pregnant, call or go to the OB-GYN/Women’s Health Clinic as soon as possible to book your check-up. A PCM referral is not needed; however, you will need your TRICARE Prime enrolment to transfer over to the 35th MDG to make the appointment. Also, please bring any medical records you may have gotten at your previous facility to your appointment.

6. Active Medication Refills: If you need medication refills and still have active refill orders from your previous base, come to our Pharmacy to have your med order transferred over to us (you need to fill in a form). Click the Pharmacy tab for more details.

7. Dependents with Special Needs: If you are Q-coded for EFMP-enrolled dependents, make sure you contact our EFMP office 226-6356 or email: Misawa.EFMPM@us.af.mil to check-in.

8. Specialty or Procedure Referrals: Open/Pending referrals from your previous base cannot be completed here. You will need to schedule a visit with your PCM here and get a new referral. Our visiting providers have a tight schedule and try to come here once a quarter.

9. Air Force Medical Service on Mobile and Multi-Media:

  • -Misawa Connects (free app) - the 35th MDG can be found under Base Support Agencies
  • AFMS mobile (free app) - bookmark the 35 MDG. You can look up our contact numbers and services through the app.
  • Follow: AFMS 35th Medical Group on Facebook
  • PACAF Nurse Advice Line (NAL) - available via Live Web/Video Chat at www.mhsnurseadviceline.com
  • Tune in to AFN where 35 MDG representatives speak about health care issues. The Commanders Channel also displays important announcements.

IMPORTANT! Do not ask for medical advice on Misawa social media sites (for example, Misawa Asks)! Call the NAL or the appointment line. If it is something that needs emergency or urgent care, call 911 or go to the UCC.

Other useful tips:

  • Dental Insurance. Although your dependents will be seen at our dental clinic here, we highly recommend that you keep their dental insurance (around $35 for family; $11 for spouse). This is in case they will need dental services off-base that may be unavailable at our clinic.
  • Family and friends visiting? Tell non-TRICARE enrolled family and friends who are planning to visit you to have travel medical insurance (their medical insurance must say something about their being covered while they are traveling overseas). It is expensive to be admitted off-base (patients may have to pay in cash before they can get discharged).
  • Be on top of your health! Although you are only required to have a face-to-face periodic health assessment (PHA) every three years, it is good for you to come visit us annually for a health check to help us establish your health baseline or check for trends. This also helps us keep you on track for preventive health screens.

The 35th MDG is here to serve you in sickness and in health! Enjoy Misawa!

Smooth Move: Medical Out-processing

PCSing, Separating or Retiring?

Prioritize Medical Out-Processing for a stressless move.

Patient safety and continuity of care is critical to the USAF mission. Your Military Treatment Facility (MTF) is required to conduct reviews of you and your dependents' medical history before you PCS to determine if your gaining base has the medical services needed.

It is therefore important that Medical out-processing tasks on your virtual Out-Processing (vOP) checklist on the vMPF need to be among your top priorities since these take time and delaying them can delay your orders.

It is important to read required medical forms thoroughly and complete them as best you can. Ask your medical provider if you have any questions. Lying on official documents is punishable under the UCMJ.

The 35 FSS/Assignments Flight, in collaboration with the 35 MDG and other support organizations, has organized a mandatory Smooth Move briefing for all out-bound members. Family Members are welcome to attend.

Smooth Move Briefing schedule:

  • First Tuesday of the month : 8:30 a.m. 
  • Second Tuesday of the month : 3:30 p.m.

FSS/Military Personnel Section, Bldg 653, Room 111. Sign up at: www.35fss.com/military_personnel_section.php


Keep to this timeline to get your out-processing (and orders) done on time. The handout on clearance timeline and checklists are available on 35FW/35MDG Sharepoint page: https://misawa.eis.pacaf.af.mil/35FW/35MDG/SitePages/Medical%20Clearance.aspx  

A. Complete NET 120, NLT 90 days before Final Out (FO) date:

1. Medical Memorandum - Flight Medicine (MSME). This is for a medical readiness review. It generates the AF422 for AD PCS clearance.

  • E-mail Medical Memorandum unsigned to: 35AMDS.MSME.MSME@us.af.mil. Please attach a copy of your Assignment RIP. NO VISIT required. MSME will process this task at exactly 120 days before your FO date.
  • For those PCSing to OCONUS or CONUS locations with Personnel Processing Codes (PPC – assignments with special medical requirements), you are required to complete an online questionnaire on your IMR at https://imr.afms.mil/imr/MyIMR.aspx.
  • Review your IMR status. Complete any red or yellow items. Go to Immunizations clinic if needed. Ensure all IMR items will still be current 60 days past your RNLTD. MSME will not sign your vOP if your IMR is not current.
  • Notify Flight Medicine immediately if you are on short notice orders (RNLTD is in less than 30 days).
  • For questions, contact 226-6982 or send an email to the address above.

B. No earlier than (NET) six (6) months and no later than (NLT) 2 months before FO date:

2. Family Member Relocation Clearance (FMRC). For ALL active duty members with ACCOMPANYING dependents (even if you do NOT have dependents with special needs).

  • Complete AF Form 4380 and submit to the EFMP-Medical Office (Base Hospital, Main Floor, Bldg 99). Depending on Q-code status or gaining base location, more forms may be required. Instructions and forms are available at: https://misawa.eis.pacaf.af.mil/35FW/35MDG/SitePages/Medical%20Clearance.aspx
  • Please contact the EFMP office immediately if you are on short notice orders (RNLTD <30 days).
  • If you do not have dependents, e-mail Misawa.EFMPM@us.af.mil with "NO DEPENDENTS" on the subject line and EFMP will clear you on vOP (done every Friday at 1500).

C. NET 60 days and NLT 30 days before FO date:

3. Mental Health Flight. Please contact 226-3230 for medical clearance or if you have any questions.

4. Family Advocacy Out-Processing. You will be notified only if a visit is required. For questions, call 226-2123.

D. NET 10 to 3 days before FO date:

6. TRICARE. Visit the TOPA office NLT 10 days prior to your FO date. Bring two (2) copies of your orders.

7. X-Ray Records. Drop by the Radiology Department NLT 7 days prior to your FO date. Dependents 18 years old and above must fill out DD Form 2870 for the release of dependents' records.

8. Medical Records. For those PCSing, drop by Medical Records (main floor, beside pharmacy) NLT 2-3 days prior to your FO date. If you are separating or retiring, you may request a copy of your medical records NLT 30 days prior to your departure.

9. PRP Medical/Dental Records. For those in PRP only. Drop by Flight Med and the Dental Clinic NET 3 days prior to departure and bring 2 copies of your orders. If you are not PRP and this task appears on your checklist, please call 226-6134 for your clearance.

10. Dental Records:

  • For members on PRP, PSP and FLY status. Drop by Dental Clinic NET three (3) days prior to FO date with two (2) copies of your orders and your CAC.
  • For all other active duty AF members. Drop by Dental Clinic NET five (5) days prior to your FO date with a copy of your orders and your CAC. Your records and those of your dependents will be mailed to your gaining base military treatment facility (MTF).

Retiring or Separating?

A. NET 180 days (with VA claim) or 90 days (without VA claim), NLT 30 days prior to FO date:

1. Medical Out-Processing (Flight Med/MSME). only Flight Medicine is allowed to sign-off on this task.

  • Contact 226-6102 to schedule your separation history and physical exam (SHPE) NLT 30 days prior to departure. This is required for all service members with at least 180 days of active duty service. Bring your unsigned separation/retirement checklist memorandum and DD 2807-1.
  • If you need to reschedule your SHPE, contact Flight Med/MSME immediately at 226-6134 or email 35AMDS.MSME.MSME@us.af.mil for questions/concerns.
  • If you plan to file a claim with the VA, register for e-benefits immediately and contact the Airman and Family Readiness Center (AFRC) at 226-4735 to schedule your one-on-one appointment with a VA representative.

B. NLT 60 to 30 days prior to FO date:

2. Mental Health Flight. Please contact 226-3230 for medical clearance or if you have any questions.

3. Outpatient Records. Drop by Medical Records (Main floor, beside pharmacy) if you want to request a copy of your medical records NLT 30 days prior to your departure.

C. NET 10 to seven (7) days before FO date:

4. TRICARE. Visit the TOPA office NLT 10 days prior to your FO date. Bring two (2) copies of your orders.

5. X-Ray Records. Drop by the Radiology Department NLT 7 days prior to your FO date. Dependents 18 years old and above must fill out DD Form 2870 in order for the release of dependents' records.

6. Dental Records. Your records will be mailed to Randolph AFB, TX. However, you may request copies of your dental records NET five (5) days prior to FO date. Bring two (2) copies of your orders. Family members 18 years old and above need to request copies for themselves (they need to bring a copy of your orders). Please call 226-6700 for questions or concerns.