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Seventy one years ago today, the U.S. Air Force became an independent service, creating a new breed of warriors to own and protect the skies. Ever since, Airmen have protected America from air, space and cyberspace aggression.
Each squadron in the Air Force faces different stressors and health challenges that require unique solutions. General David Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, is leading an effort to revitalize Air Force squadrons.
Air National Guard Airmen are key to supporting Total Force readiness. Training agreements with civilian hospitals are vital to helping them achieve this support.
Sexual assault can be a deeply traumatizing event in anyone’s life. Across the Air Force, Airmen and their families have access to Sexual Assault Prevention and Response or Family Advocacy Program resources to get support and guidance on how to move forward.
One thing Airmen worry about when they deploy is the well-being of their family, especially children who may have a hard time coping with the challenges that come with a parent’s deployment. The impact of deployment on children is a key component of Airmen readiness. Knowing their family is well helps Airmen focus on the mission.


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Second hand smoke can cause health problems in children. If you use tobacco, it's time to quit. TRICARE can help: <a href="http://www.tricare.mil/tobaccocessation" target="_blank">http://www.tricare.mil/tobaccocessation</a>
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Check out these great health and wellness mobile apps from the Air Force Medical Service!
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***UPDATE*** The appointment line is back up and working normally. Thank you all for your patience.
All, please see the updated 61 MDS pamphlet for all of our clinic resources and contact information!
*An Urgent Message to all Tricare Beneficiaries* Due to the recent switch to Health Net Federal Services, all Tricare beneficiaries with monthly premiums/fees NEED to update their payment information through the Health Net website, especially if you were previously set up for automatic payments with United Healthcare. If payment information is not updated this month, you may risk losing coverage. To date, almost 50,000 plans have not been updated and will likely be dis-enrolled due to failure to pay. If this affects you, please visit the Health Net website and complete an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form based on your current plan, and mail it to the address at the bottom of the page. The forms can be found here https://www.tricare-west.com/content/hnfs/home/tw/bene/res/bene_forms.html Feel free to call Health Net any time for questions or concerns you may have 1-844-866-9378 Thank you!
All, Since we transitioned from United Healthcare to HealthNet on 1 January 2018, we understand there are still a lot of questions and concerns regarding your referrals. Please see the attached pamphlet for any referral questions you may have or call HealthNet directly at (844)866-9378.
All, Please read this important information regarding TRICARE&#39;s new Urgent Care and enrollment processes through Health Net. Great news for TRICARE Prime enrollees!
FEBRUARY 1, 2018, TRICARE PHARMACY COPAYMENTS CHANGES Beginning 1 February, 2018, TRICARE is changing the co-payment costs for pharmaceuticals at retail pharmacies and with home delivery. However, if you use the MTF you will still pay $0! See details below regarding the upcoming co-pay changes: RETAIL NETWORK PHARMACY COPAYMENT CHANGES (UP TO 30-DAY SUPPLY) • Generic formulary drugs will increase from $10 to $11. • Brand-name formulary drugs will increase from $24 to $28. • *Non-formulary drugs will increase from $50 to $53. (Note: Non-formulary drugs are generally only available through home delivery.) TRICARE PHARMACY HOME DELIVERY COPAYMENT CHANGES (UP TO 90-DAY SUPPLY) • Generic formulary drugs will increase from $0 to $7. • Brand-name formulary drugs will increase from $20 to $24. • Non-formulary drugs will increase from $49 to $53. MILITARY TREATMENT FACILITY PHARMACY COPAYMENT CHANGES • All Beneficiaries can still fill their prescriptions for $0 copay at MTF pharmacies. For any questions regarding the changes, please visit www.Tricare.mil or call the Business Operations office at 310-653-6866
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The Center for the Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills (C-STARS) program embeds Airmen in some of the nation… https://t.co/Un4hCJdyvL
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Gaining weight as you age is normal, but excess weight gain can pose serious health risks. The CEMM eWellness app c… https://t.co/l8sZGgrR0j
One unit. One family. Active duty and reserve Airmen came together in exercise #UltimateCaduceus to test the abilit… https://t.co/GnEqSfuqTS
@HomefrontHugs @AETCommand @GenDaveGoldfein Based on the specific needs of the squadron, a mental health profession… https://t.co/uxivGp800n
RT @MilitaryHealth: As an ongoing mission to serve #milfams, leaders from across the @DoD_DHA, @NavyMedicine, @USAFHealth, @ArmyMedicine, a…
@dpark35 @GenDaveGoldfein Hello, thank you for your comment. The OST program is a new initiative currently rolling… https://t.co/pqzrHG6mCR
@misskidneypie We sent you a direct message with more information, Sir/Ma'am!
@misskidneypie Hello, thank you for reaching out to the AFMS. Yes, Wright-Patterson does have a dialysis unit avail… https://t.co/j0HzuXPBOl
@GenDaveGoldfein Seventy one years of warriors, innovators, and caregivers! #AF71 #TrustedCare
@thejointstaff @usairforce Seventy one years of warriors, innovators, and caregivers! #AF71 #TrustedCare
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