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Local Clinic Information

673d Medical Group Appointment Line is open Monday to Friday, 6:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. hrs, except Federal Holidays.  It can be reached by dialing (907) 580-2778.
TRICARE Telephone Appointment System Guide (907-580-2778)
Appointment Speed Dial: The chart below provides the numerical sequence to push when obtaining an appointment in the 673rd Medical group. Just follow the easy steps below to reach your desired clinic or service:

Step 1: Dial "TRICARE Appointment Telephone Number/ 907-580-2778"
Step 2: Listen to the entire recording and follow the instruction.
Step 3: As soon as you hear your options, press the corresponding number.

To MAKE, CANCEL & RESCHEDULE an appointment,
leave a telephone consult or speak with the
Registered Nurse on Tricare Advice Line ---------------------------------------------------------------Press "1"

To make an appt with a PCM Women's Health,
Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Optometry, DHA/PHA---------------------------------------------------Press "1"
For TRICARE Nurse advice line-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Press "2"
For Dental---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Press "3"
For Flight Medicine----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Press "4"

To hear options on Specialty Clinics ---------------------------------------------------------------------Press "2"

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Chiropractic----------------------------------------------------Press "1"
Orthopedic, Podiatry, ENT, Urology, Surgical Clinic------------------------------------------------------Press "2"
Vision, Speech, Hearing Services-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Press "3"
Mental Health-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Press "4"
Additional medical clinics (Dermatology, Neurology, Cardiopulmonary, gastroenterology)-----Press "5"

To hear options on Ancillary Services  -------------------------------------------------------------------Press "3"
Pharmacy------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press "1"
Diagnostic Imaging ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Press "2"
Laboratory -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Press "3"
Allergy/Immunizations --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Press "4"

To speak with Referral Management/TRICARE--------------------------------------------------------Press "4"

To learn about other 673 MDG and VA Resources----------------------------------------------------Press "5"

To repeat this menu---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Press "8"

- REPEAT MENU? Press 8 to repeat a menu
- MAIN MENU? Press 9 to return to the main menu
- NEED ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR CALL? Press 0 (Zero) for operator assistance

New Enrollee Brochure

Make An Appointment

For any care that your primary care manager does not provide, such as urgent, routine, preventative, mental health, and specialty care, you will need a referral from your PCM. Find out more about how to obtain the necessary referral and authorization.

Online Appointing

You can book appointments online if you're:

  • A registered user on the TOL Secure Web Portal
  • Booking an appointment at a military hospital or clinic

Manage Your Appointments Now!

From the Appointment Center, you can:

  • Schedule, view or cancel appointments at your military hospital or clinic
  • Get up to three email or text message reminders about scheduled appointments

Read the TOL Appointment Center Brochure for more information.

To log in to the TOL Secure Web Portal, you need a Common Access Card, Premium DS Logon, or DFAS MyPay account. To learn more, please visit the DEERS DoD Self-Service Access Center.

Patient and Family Engagement

The Air Force Medical Service welcomes engaged patients and families as our partners in making sure your and your family's care is safe and effective. In the Patient and Family Engagement Toolkit, you'll find concrete advice and great resources that can help you partner with your healthcare team more effectively. Learn more about Patient and Family Engagement.

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TRICARE Online Patient Portal (TOL PP) Secure Messaging is painful to say! Thankfully, using the secure messaging service is simple. Sign up today. http://www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/SecureMessaging/
#TuesdayTrivia Summer cookouts are a great way for Airmen to spend time with family and friends. But did you know leaving food out at improper temperatures for too long can put them in the “danger zone”? Take a guess at the “danger zone” temperature range when bacteria in food can multiply rapidly, and lead to foodborne illness.
Recently members of the 161st ARW’s In-Place Patient Decontamination team participated in an exercise to hone its skills to respond to a mass casualty event caused by chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive incident. Learn more: https://go.usa.gov/xU9Gr
Mobility and Advanced Physical Therapy Classes at AFMS - Davis-Monthan AFB - 355th Medical Group are designed to help Airmen heal faster and receive the very best physical therapy. Read more: https://go.usa.gov/xU9wX
Whether you’re dealing with a challenge that is before you, behind you, or within you, BeThere Peer Support is here to help, 24/7/365. #PeerSupport
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When an 11-month-old patient visited the 72nd MDG for allergy testing, Mr. Raymond “Mike” Showalter asked the primary care doctor to get the patient’s 1-year-old blood work done in the same visit, saving the baby from additional blood drawings and the family from a second visit. When the patient’s H&H (hemoglobin and hematocrit) blood level came back critically low, the patient was sent to a children’s hospital for emergency care. Mr. Showalter’s time-saving recommendation was a critical decision that saved the child’s life. For his actions, Mr. Showalter is this week’s #TrustedCare hero!
The military is at the forefront of efforts to help curb those numbers through its expansion of medically assisted treatment, also known as MAT. https://health.mil/News/Articles/2018/07/12/There-is-hope
It’s all fun and games until someone injures an eye! Wear protective eyewear when playing summer sports or doing household or yard work. Be responsible with Vision Center of Excellence. #DontForgetTheSight
#AFMSHistory: Two French aviation cadets (left and right) with a Dutch cadet display the 20,000th pint of blood collected at Lackland AFB Blood Donor Center. The men were part of more than 100 European and American aviation cadets from a pre-flight training group who volunteered to give blood for the Armed Forces campaign. Today we still partner with the French Armed Forces and celebrate #BastilleDay, their national holiday. For other AFMS History information visit us on the web (Official Air Force photo, courtesy of the National Archives)
Air Force Reserve Innovative Readiness Training in East Georgia is providing no-cost healthcare to local residents. Learn more: https://go.usa.gov/xUKDa
Joint, total force exercise at MacDill AFB provided Tactical Combat Care Course (TCCC) training to prepare medics, pilots and EOD technicians for combat situations. https://go.usa.gov/xUkk3
@TRICARE Online Patient Portal Secure Messaging makes communicating with your Air Force doctor simple! Learn more: http://www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/SecureMessaging/
Infectious disease control is vital to effective force health protection in many deployed environments. During Exercise New Horizons 2018 U.S. forces learned from Panamanian experts’ familiarity with local diseases. Take a peak at the exercise in action: https://go.usa.gov/xUKUC
“By creating a partnership, not only are we building relationships, but there are capabilities that the local community can provide that the base is not able to,” said Jilene Reichle, 22nd Medical Support Squadron emergency manager. See how the 22nd MDG partners with local medics. http://www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/News/Display/Article/1571856/22nd-mdg-partners-with-local-medics/
#TBT Medical technicians at the Air Force’s Aero-Medical Laboratory developed “Horace” the Head to improve human performance. Horace, could survive in up to 70,000 feet in a pressure chamber, and helped researchers determine quality standards for aircrew’s headgear. He was also used to test oxygen masks in extreme cold or heat to avoid harming anyone. For other AFMS History information visit us on the web (Official Air Force photo, courtesy of the National Archives)
Enjoy fun in the sun this summer, but make sure you’re taking steps to reduce your risk of skin cancer: #SummerSafety" target="_blank">https://www.cdc.gov/cancer/skin/index.htm #SummerSafety</a>
Consider cooling off this summer by making an appointment to donate blood or platelets at your local ASBP blood center. Find a center or drive near you: www.militarydonor.com
Airmen can be on their feet 10-12 hours a day, if not more. Proper fitting boots are critical to avoid foot #injuries such as blisters, calluses, and turned ankles. See how we&#39;re helping airmen begin their career on right foot. http://www.sheppard.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1570417/operation-helps-airmen-others-begin-career-on-right-foot/
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