Col. Lee Harvis, Command Surgeon, Headquarters Pacific Air Forces, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, shares personal and professional perspectives on Air Force life and military medicine.
U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Dorothy Hogg, AF Surgeon General, and Chief Master Sgt. Steven Cum, Chief of Medical Enlisted Force and Enlisted Corps Chief, pose with two Airmen from the 380th Expeditionary Medical Group during an all-call at Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 11, 2018. The Airmen were coined because of their outstanding performance and contribution to the 380th Air Expeditonary Wing mission.
On November 12, 1948, Air Force Brig. Gen. Harry Armstrong, commandant of the School of Aviation at Randolph Field, Texas, convened the first Air Force symposium on space medicine.
The Air Force Wounded Warrior Program (AFW2) kicked off its Northeast Region Warrior CARE Event at the National Harbor this morning, starting the week with a day of resiliency programs featuring music, yoga, journaling and improvisational comedy workshops.


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The 39 MDG will be closed today until 1100 for the Wing Change of Command. For Emergencies, dial 0112. For Ambulance Services, dial 676-6554
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Incirlik Triathlon: Public Service Announcement (PSA) - Avoid NSAIDs for Endurance Races. The 39 MDG recommends that participants avoid Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) at least 1 day before/during/1 day after the upcoming Incirlik Triathlon on Sat, 23 June. These may include Motrin (ibuprofen), Aleve (naproxen), Advil (ibuprofen), Aspirin. You may use Tylenol (acetaminophen) for mild aches/pains otherwise. Drink plenty of fluids with electrolytes to avoid dehydration. If you have any questions, please ask your PCM. 676-6666
Reminder: Clinic will be closed tomorrow for training day, but Ambulance Services is available for urgent care. For emergencies, dial 676-0112.
Normal appointment line is back up and operational. Please call 676-6666 to book or cancel appointments.
Our appointment line is currently down, please call 676-3141 to schedule or cancel an appointment.
Clinic will be closed until 1230 Friday 8 June for MDSS Change of Command and 39 MDOS Assumption of Command. Ambulance services is available at 676-6554. For emergencies, dial 676-0112.
Farewell Chief McClelland. Thank you for your mentorship and wisdom. Is there a medic in the house? Hell Yeah!!! #TitanMedic
Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May. This year it is celebrated on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Thanks to President Harry S. Truman, it’s a day to pay special tribute to the men and women of the Armed Forces. President Truman led the effort to establish a holiday in order for citizens to unite and to honor our military heroes for their patriotic service in support of the United States of America. Although, originally, there were single day celebrations for each branch of the military, the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force; this format changed on August 21, 1949, when Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of Armed Forces Day. Stemming from the unification of the Armed Forces under the Department of Defense, the annual celebration now commemorates all branches of the military during one solitary day.
The 39 MDG Change of Command Ceremony is tomorrow. Walk-ins and normal operations will begin at 0930, with scheduled appointments starting at 1000. For Emergencies, call 0112. Ambulance Services and on call providers will be available for urgent medical needs, and can be reached at 676-6554.
Happy Nurse and Medical Technician Appreciation week from Major General Dorothy Hogg, Deputy Surgeon General and Chief of the Air Force Nurse Corps, and Chief Master Sergeant Mark Vazquez, Aerospace Medical Service and Surgical Service Career Field Manager! #ThankUNurses #NurseWeek2018
Join the #AFMS as we celebrate #NurseAndTechWeek from May 6-12! Take a moment to thank the many inspirational, innovative, and influential nurses and medical technicians who play a monumental role in providing #TrustedCareAnywhere
Watch for your invitation from RAND Corporation to participate in the 2018 Health-Related Behaviors Survey. Sharing… https://t.co/wvWgRxtbME
After two battles with #Cancer and a major #HeartSurgery, retired Master Sgt. Daryl McFadden is resilient as ever.… https://t.co/cduu34uaR5
In November 1948, Air Force Brig. Gen. Harry Armstrong convened the first Air Force symposium on space medicine, wh… https://t.co/GoZ7Jfi51W
It’s not too late to get vaccinated for the #flu! The flu vaccine is an annual requirement for military members, an… https://t.co/AoLJU3D2xW
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The Air Force Wounded Warrior Program kicked off their Warrior CARE event this week! Programs featuring music, yoga… https://t.co/s3ArjnsPD1
Today is a great day to quit smoking for good. If you need help taking the first steps, check out Col. Thomas Moore… https://t.co/HGA5YWY6Lk
#TBT Airmen transfer relief supplies from a U.S. Coast Guard HH-52 Seaguard helicopter to a U.S. Air Force ambulanc… https://t.co/EFsY3lW2s7
For the third consecutive year, David Grant USAF Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base has been recognized as a m… https://t.co/wtS3czWMkM
@jeremyrabbott Hi Jeremy! We believe the person you are looking for is Brig. Gen. James Dienst. Here's his bio, let… https://t.co/UaFwnATWaR
You can quit smoking for good and live a healthy, smoke-free life. Take the first step and call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for… https://t.co/Mi7Fpr3Jpj
Often times a mild Traumatic brain injury can go un-diagnosed because not everyone who experiences a mild #TBI lose… https://t.co/pJbpKZArck
As if by fate, a weather delay in Germany allowed a C-17 aircrew from the 315th Airlift Wing to embark on a challen… https://t.co/u8HxYWpGKz
RT @AETCommand: Learning the ins & outs of being a leader isn't always easy or a path easily traveled. Read this story about an #Airmen or…
Poor dental health may prevent Airmen from completing their job, so the 14th Medical Operations Squadron Dental Fli… https://t.co/tLuxh7IzSH
“Commitment to Resilience” means working through difficult spots and improvising when the unexpected occurs. Our me… https://t.co/yHkUFLt0jr
Lt. Gen. Dorothy Hogg & CMSgt. Steven Cum thanked Airmen from the 380th Expeditionary Medical Group for their outst… https://t.co/3XST7COXQH
Col. Lee Harvis, PACAF Command Surgeon, gives his thoughts on the transformation, readiness and life as USAF medic.… https://t.co/QsshlV488J
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