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About Us

The 1st Special Operations Medical Group provides the highest quality medical care, community and workplace medical surveillance, and preventive medicine to over 15,000 beneficiaries. The medical group promotes and maintains the health of approximately 8,000 base personnel to ensure a vital and fit force, deployable to any location.

The 1st SOMDG is made up of four squadrons, the 1st Special Operations Aerospace Medicine Squadron, 1st Special Operations Dental Squadron, 1st Special Operations Medical Operations Squadron and the 1st Special Operations Medical Support Squadron.

Mission: Keep Air Commandos physically and mentally healthy and fit-to-fight

Vision: Highly-performing medics enabling resilient and medically ready Air Commandos to conduct special operations…Anytime, Anyplace


  • Optimize training to enhance operational superiority, battlefield medicine
  • Modernize in-garrison infrastructure and austere operational resources
  • Support global SOF mission through medical excellence
  • Deliver the highest quality/value health care

Lineage: Established as 16th Medical Group on 15 Aug 1994. Activated on 1 Oct 1994. Redesignated 1st Special Operations Medical Group on 16 Nov 2006.

Emblem: The emblem of the 1st Special Operations Medical Group is that of the 1st Special Operations Wing with the group designation in the scroll. It is symbolic of the organization's history and mission. The blue background represents the sky and the United States Air Force. The 13 red and white stripes stand for the nation's original 13 colonies, the first American force to engage in war to defend freedom. The silver dagger is winged to indicate the 1st Special Operations Wing brings force through the air. A golden lamp of knowledge reflects the wing's civic action role and indicates that members of the 1st Special Operations Wing serve as teachers, as well as warriors, in helping our allies determine their own way of life and form of government.