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About Us

The 28th Medical Group guarantees our nation's combat airpower - anytime, anywhere by providing deployed medical capability for contingency operations throughout the world. The 28 MDG trains 150 active duty health care professionals to sustain deployed and home station readiness response skills. The 28 MDG provides outpatient medical care to 3,200 active duty members and 16,000 beneficiaries, as well as retired personnel and their families.

The medical professionals provide a wide range of services and programs designed to ensure good health and wellness for those they serve, including a family health, women's health, optometry, dental, flight and operational medicine, physical therapy clinics, a Health and Wellness Center, mental and public health clinics, as well as 24 hour ambulance services. Ancillary services are provided through the pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, allergy and immunizations clinic. The 28 MDG also provides veterinary services for routine vaccinations and treatment of minor illnesses for dogs and cats belonging to active duty and retired personnel through the veterinary clinic. Two squadrons make up the 28 MDG; the 28th Medical Support Squadron and the 28th Medical Operations Squadron. The Group is accredited by The Joint Commission, Patient Centered Medical Home certified, American Dental Association, College of American Pathologists, as well as multiple affiliations with professional medical organizations.

Mission: Ready Medics optimizing the Human Weapon System through strong communities

Vision: Ready, Reliable, and Resilient


  • Trust - Character, Accountability, Courage, and Integrity
  • Teamwork - Communication and Diversity
  • Respect for others - Authenticity, Compassion, and Humility
  • Cultivating Talent - Self-respect, Courage, Developing/Challenging people
  • Balance - Fun, Family, Enjoyment, Wellness, and Resilience
  • High Reliability - Quality, Accuracy, Efficiency, Competence, Continuous Improvement, and Safety

The 28th Medical Operations Squadron provides comprehensive primary care and referral services for specialty care to TRICARE-enrolled beneficiaries. The squadron is comprised of eight flights: Aerospace Medicine, Bioenvironmental Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Dental Clinic, Education and Training, Family Health Clinic, Mental Health, and Public Health. Our staff of 160 healthcare professionals ensure compliance of standards to support a population-based preventive medicine program. Available services include: Aerospace and Operation Medicine, Allergy and Immunizations, Ambulance Services, Dental (active duty only), Dietary Therapy, Family Advocacy, Family Medicine, Health Promotions, Mental Health, Optometry, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Primary Care and Substance Abuse Counseling, and Women’s Health. Combined, these clinics average more than 155,200 visits per year.

The 28th Medical Support Squadron consists of eight flights providing Personnel and Administration, Resource Management, TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration, Medical Readiness, Information Systems Management, Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Laboratory, and Logistics to include Facility Management. The 28 MDSS supports healthcare delivery by managing a group budget of $11 million as of October 2016 and manpower programs for more than 250 staff members. The managed care program supports an enrolled population of 33,000 beneficiaries amounting to approximately 108,000 annual patient visits. Additionally, the squadron provides ancillary services with a $3.8 million pharmacy budget, diagnostic imaging with an average of 198 patients monthly and laboratory services with an average of 8000 patients monthly.