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14th Medical Group Clinic Photo, Columbus AFB

About Us

Mission: Ready Medics Delivering Trusted Care, Sustaining a Healthy Population, Fueling the Wing Mission

The 14th Medical Group enhances the flying mission through our medical response to flying emergencies, our delivery of aerospace and operational physiology training, and our optimization of human performance. The medical and dental readiness of active duty members and Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training students assigned to the 14th Flying Training Wing are our top priority. Cognizant of our requirement to always be “ready medics”, we instill the warrior ethos through optimal deployment skills training to meet both present and future contingencies. Furthermore, we promote a healthy population by providing trusted care to our enrolled beneficiaries including disease management, health promotion, and education for chronic illnesses.

14th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron

The 14th Medical Operations Squadron provides and coordinates comprehensive health care for a community of active duty, dependents, retirees and family member Department of Defense beneficiaries. The squadron also has the responsibility for preventive, integrated health care through mental health, public health, physical therapy, optometry and health and wellness activities for Columbus Air Force Base. Our Aerospace and Operational Physiology and Bioenvironmental Engineering flights directly support the base and its mission to create pilots.

14th Health Care Operations Support Squadron

The 14th Medical Support Squadron provides pharmacy, laboratory, radiology and beneficiary services, as well as medical logistics and administrative support to the Airmen of Columbus Air Force Base and our beneficiaries. Our systems, readiness, and resource management flights support the medical group team and the delivery of high quality health care.