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NEW 460 MDG HOURS: Effective 1 January 2019, the Medical Group's new hours of operation are as follow: Open every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30am-4:30pm; and every Friday from 7:30am-11:00am to allow for mandatory training.

Pharmacy hours of operation are as follow: Open every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 08:00am-5:00pm; and every Friday from 08:00am to 11:00am.

To schedule or cancel appointments, call the 460 MDG appointment line at: (720) 847-WELL. Appointment line hours of operation are Mon - Thur 7am-4pm, and Fri: 7:00am-11:00am for mandatory training.

For medical emergencies, call 911.

***All non-Active Duty beneficiaries no longer need a referral or authorization for urgent care***

TRICARE Prime Active Duty Service Members (ADSMs), not including TRICARE Prime Remote, must continue to contact their PCM or the Nurse Advice Line (NAL) at 1-800-TRICARE, Opt 1, to schedule an appointment or obtain a referral for urgent care services.


If you would like to make, change, or cancel an appointment, order a prescription refill online, view lab results, or message your provider team 24/7, 7 days a week, you can do so using the TRICARE Online Patient Portal at:  


Seek Urgent Care

Seek Urgent/Emergency Care

What is Emergency Care?

Emergency care is needed in the case of a medical emergency. Medical emergencies are the sudden and unexpected onset of a medical condition that:

  • Is threatening to life, limb, or eyesight
  • Requires immediate medical treatment or
  • Manifests painful symptoms that requires immediate response to alleviate suffering

TRICARE International SOS (http://www.tricare-overseas.com/) provides 24/7 support for TRICARE overseas beneficiaries, when they need urgent or emergent care or request medical assistance. This includes real-time English translation services provided over the phone. In South Korea, call toll-free 080-591-0880 or direct 65-6338-9277.

What to do in an emergency?

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Some military treatment facility locations offer emergency room services and others do not, so be sure to be familiar with the clinics and services offered at your location.

What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is defined as care needed for a non-emergency illness or injury. This means that it does not threaten an individual’s life, limbs, or eyesight, or leave them in intolerable pain for an extended duration of time. An individual may also need to seek urgent care in situations where a health condition or injury may become a more serious risk to their health if left untreated. It is recommended that Department of Defense patients seek urgent care at their local MTF locations first if possible. For more information about Urgent Care and what is covered in your plan, please visit TRICARE.

What to do for Urgent Care?

Contact your Primary Care Manager if it's during office hours.

Call the Nurse Advice Line: 1-800-TRICARE, Option 1*.

  • Talk to a registered nurse
  • Get health care advice
  • Ask urgent care questions
  • Get help finding a doctor
  • Get a recommendation for care 

Available only in the continental US states and Alaska and Hawaii

You may also contact your PCM to request a retroactive referral. 

Enrolled in a Prime Plan?

Call your primary care manager within 24 hours or the next business day after getting emergency care to get authorization and coordinate ongoing care.

Prime plans include:

  • TRICARE Prime
  • TRICARE Prime Remote
  • TRICARE Prime Overseas
  • TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas
  • TRICARE Young Adult-Prime

Veterans Crisis Line / PTSD phone number