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Appointment Line: (671) 366-9355

  • Dental Clinic Appointment Line     366-6750
  • Family Advocacy                           366-5167
  • Family Health Clinic/Front Desk    366-5036
  • Flight Medicine Clinic                     366-6741/3231
  • Health Promotions                         366-2494
  • Immunizations Clinic                      366-8220
  • Mental Health/BHOP Clinic            366-5125
  • Patient Advocate & Text                 864-8559
  • Patient Safety                                 366-3326
  • Pediatric/Woman's Clinic               366-9355
  • Pharmacy                                       366-5217
  • Public Health                                  366-4147
  • TRICARE Office                             366-1091
  • TRICARE Overseas/ISOS             1-877-678-1208
  • Radiology                                       366-5112
  • Referral Management Office          366-6515


TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging

With TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging, AFMS patients can easily request and provide information at any time. TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging provides a secure patient portal to ensure easy and private online communications in order to connect beneficiaries to their health care team. Learn more about TOL Patient Portal.

Joint Outpatient Experience Patient Survey (JOES)

Your experiences matter to us! They tell a lot about how we're doing in the Air Force Medical Service. If you receive the JOES (Joint Outpatient Experience Survey) please take a few minutes to fill it out and send it back. Your insights help to make educated decisions related to patient care.