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About Us

The 10th Medical Group at the U.S. Air Force Academy provides health care services to 30,000 beneficiaries, including support to the 4,000-member cadet wing. Primary goals are to ensure wartime readiness and optimize the health and wellness of our current and future air and space leaders.

Unit Mission: Develop ready medical leaders who deliver Trusted Care through innovative medical partnerships while enhancing expeditionary forces for full spectrum global readiness

Vision: 1st choice in Healthcare...Leading the Charge in Quality

Motto: Warrior Medic...Right Care Every Time

Values: Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellence in all we do. Compassion for those we serve the men and women of the 10 MDG provide premier wartime, contingency and community health care in support of Department of Defense and USAFA missions while building leaders of character. The 10th Medical Group provides medical care to a patient population consisting of 3,692 cadets; 2,289 active duty; 6,059 family members of active duty, 12,785 retirees and their family members; and 2,904 TRICARE Plus for a total of 27,729. The 10 MDG also provides pharmacy and other ancillary services to a total beneficiary population of 174,000 living within the local area.

The 10th MDG has a total of 5 Squadrons. 10 AMDS, 10 DS, 10 MDOS, 10 MDSS, 10MSGS.


The 10th Aerospace Medicine Squadron serves a population of 4,000 cadets, 750 flyers and 174,000 beneficiaries and represents the 10th Medical Group’s primary link between the operational and educational missions of the US Air Force Academy. The squadron consists of 93 personnel organized into six flights: Bioenvironmental Engineering, Cadet Medicine, Health Promotions, Operational Medicine, Optometry and Public Health. The squadron works out of four separate locations around USAFA and with the 306th Flying Training Group at Pueblo, Colorado.

10 DS

Provides comprehensive dentistry and dental laboratory services to ensure the wartime readiness and optimize the health and wellness of current and future air/space leaders. Provides direct care for 4,000 cadets, 2,000 active duty and offers support for 171,000 eligible beneficiaries with 77 staff. Conducts a one year Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency program. Trains for and supports deployment and contingency operations.


The 10th Medical Operations Squadron provides patient-centered healthcare services to 30,000 primary care enrollees and 171,000 Colorado Springs Military Health System beneficiaries. Services include Family Health, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Women's Health, Mental Health services, Physical Medicine (Physical and Occupational Therapy), Neurology, Dermatology, Allergy and Immunizations, Cardiopulmonary and Audiology Services. MDOS supports the 10th Medical Group’s mission by developing Trusted Care through innovative medical partnerships. MDOS also mirrors the 10 ABW “Essence of USAFA” model through cadet-facing activities of specialty health care and personnel support to cadet training and athletic activities.


The 10th Medical Support Squadron delivers full-spectrum administration and ancillary support to the 10th Medical Group ensuring superior quality care for more than 171,000 Colorado Springs-area, DoD beneficiaries including the over 4 thousand members of the USAFA Cadet Wing. 10 MDSS organizes, trains, and equips the 741-member 10 MDG staff for world-wide deployment readiness and peacetime contingencies and executes a 73 million dollar fiscal program. The unit also manages the 10 MDG’s clinical lab, the DoD's only joint-refill pharmacy supporting five installations and the 10 MDG’s 80-server IM/IT backbone. On average, the 10 MDSS drives the completion of 776 thousand pharmacy prescriptions and 239 thousand laboratory procedures annually. Ultimately, the 10 MDSS fortifies the 10 MDG's mission to provide unrivaled combat, contingency, and peacetime care to our war fighters and families, past, present and future.


The 10th Surgical Operations Squadron serves as the regional ambulatory surgery referral center offering 7 surgical specialties for 171,000 beneficiaries including 4,000 cadets. They perform approximately 3,500 operations per year with a $7.5 million budget and 168 staff. They also oversee the operations of the Warfighter Refractory Laser Eye Center and USAF Sports Medicine Center of Excellence, supporting 27 USAFA Falcon NCAA teams and several clinical research protocols. Our Diagnostic Imaging department offers multiple imaging modalities and serves as 1 of 3 Air Force Medical Service tele-radiology sites in support of 14 CONUS Military Treatment Facilities.