USAF Dental Evaluation and Consultation Service

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The U.S. Air Force Dental Evaluation & Consultation Service was established as the Dental Investigation Service on Oct. 1 1976 by Air Force Regulation 162-7 and was charged to provide investigative guidance and assistance for USAF dental personnel. Today DECS is part of the 59th Dental Group and provides clinical, laboratory and consultative services for dental equipment, dental materials, dental facilities, infection prevention & control, and patient safety. DECS and its $6 million laboratory are located within the Battlefield Health and Trauma Institute of Surgical Research at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.


  1. Provide a responsive consultative service for the Air Force Dental Corps for Infection Prevention & Control Program, Patient Safety Program, dental materials, equipment, and facility design.
  2. Fulfill the Air Force Medical Service capability and knowledge gaps across the dental spectrum of care through multifaceted research, development, testing, and evaluation.
  3. Provide Continuing Education on Swank and maintain a responsive website with information on new products, literature, announcements, alerts, infection prevention & control, and patient safety on new products, literature reviews, announcements and alerts, and infection control.
  4. Review dental facility renovation and construction projects and high value equipment requests.
  5. Provide educational and research support for Tri-service and civilian residency programs.
  6. Collaborate with ADA and ISO on international dental standards.

DECS is staffed with dentists, materials scientists, fellowship graduates, laboratory technicians, dental assistants, and a biomedical equipment-repair technician. Often, the multifaceted RDT&E reports put forth by DECS are shared between the personnel assigned to the Fort Sam Houston facility and clinical users throughout the Air Force. DECS works closely with the Air Force Medical Readiness Agency to insure the highest reliability in the safe delivery of dental care to our beneficiaries.

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