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Take Advantage of Secure Messaging and TRICARE Online

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Partnering with your healthcare team doesn’t have to be limited to face-to-face visits. RelayHealth - MiCare Secure Messaging is an online application that allows you to securely communicate with your healthcare team. TRICARE Online Patient Portal allows you to keep track of your lab and radiology results; diagnoses; visit dates; vital signs; and medications. These tools can help you prepare for your next appointment.

Your healthcare team is committed to communicating with you through secure messaging. No more phone tag or waiting to speak with the nurse or provider.

Secure Messaging Tips:

  • NOT appropriate for medical emergencies and urgencies.
  • Be clear, detailed, and comprehensive. Upload attachments and pictures, as necessary.
  • Understand the difference between a medication renewal versus a refill.

Medication renewal: No more refills left on your current prescription. Your provider will need to write a NEW prescription. Appropriate for secure messaging.

Medication refill: One or more refills remain on your current prescription. You can refill through TRICARE Online Patient Portal or by calling the pharmacy. Do NOT use secure messaging to request a refill.

  • Understand that if your message is intended for your healthcare provider, it will first be reviewed by an administrative staff member or nurse. Don't send a message that can only be understood by one person, like "Can you give me follow up on that problem we talked about last week?"
Click on photo below to view the patient portal overview: 
Patient Portal Overview