October: Women’s Health Awareness Month

October marks Women’s Health Month, an opportunity to increase awareness about health issues important to women such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, stroke, diabetes, chronic lower respiratory diseases, obesity, and heart disease. This month the Air Force will focus on the importance of recognizing preventable health problems and encouraging early detection and treatment of disease among women and girls in the Air Force community.

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October is also
Depression Awareness Month

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Health Month

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Sample Tweets

Making your health a priority helps you stay in optimum shape and keeps illnesses and disease at bay. http://www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/News/Article/957553/women-can-prolong-their-lives-by-taking-these-steps/ #WomensHealth

Only 20 to 30% of students who are bullied notify adults. Help bring awareness. #BullyingPrevention http://www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/News/Article/962257/break-the-cycle-of-bullying/