Airman Spotlight

Biggest Losers

11 April 2017
Every year, millions of Americans decide to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle as part of

Keeping an eye out for patients

10 April 2017
Eyes are one of the most useful tools humans have. They allow people to interact with the world in a

Keep fighting toward your goal

09 September 2016
1st Lt. Elizabeth Guidara, 12th Missile Squadron missile combat crew commander, is training to

Air Force officer prepares to compete in 2016 Summer Olympics

22 July 2016
Air Force 1st Lt. Cale Simmons is a pole vaulter. His twin brother is a pole vaulter. His sister is,

Doom: Diet and Dedication

21 July 2016
A McConnell Citizen Airman recently out-performed world-class athletes in a national, televised

A race in the right direction/A race to a healthy finish

07 July 2015
Technical Sgt. Blaine Truman, 43rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron F-22 Raptor flight line expeditor, is a marathon runner and one of the top athletes at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. With a mile and a half time of 7 minutes and 55 seconds, he is definitely one of the fastest.

Q&A with Staff Sgt. Randall Forsythe of American Ninja Warrior

07 July 2015
It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle because you only get one life. There is no restart, so you only get one chance to do “life” right.