MiCare Secure Messaging

A1. What is MiCare?

MiCare provides patients a secure method to electronically communicate with their Professional Case Management (PCM) team and access their Personal Health Record (PHR).

A2. What is MiCare secure messaging?

MiCare Secure Messaging is designed to address non-urgent medical questions such as medication refill requests or requests for information from established patients.

A3. Is the Air Force the only service offering secure messaging?

All three services are using secure messaging. The Army's name for this service is AMSMS (Army Medical Secure Messaging Service). The Air Force has named their version MiCare. The Navy just uses the term secure messaging.

A4. Is my information safe on this system?

MiCare is HIPAA compliant so only the patient and their PCM team will have access to their account.

A5. How do I Register for MiCare?

1) To register, fill out the MiCare Access Request Form provided at your primary care clinic's front desk or 2) by completing an E-Registration form with your CAC.

A6. I received an email stating I received a message on RelayHealth, what is this?

MiCare is powered by a service called RelayHealth - the government contracted company streamlining communications between patients and their providers.

A7. Can my family use MiCare too?

Yes, each member over 18 years must create their own account. Dependent children can be added to a parent's account.

A8. What things am I able to do on MiCare?

Aside from sending a secure electronic message to your PCM team, you can request a refill, request an appointment, obtain lab results, and receive information about events occurring at the health clinic.

A9. How do I request an appointment?

To request an appointment, log onto your MiCare account, select Appointments on left side menu, fill in appropriate options and click send. You will receive a confirmation that your message was sent.

B1. How do I request a renewal on my medication?

To request a renewal, log onto your MiCare account, select Prescriptions on the left side menu, click appropriate meds, click renew, then press continue. Choose pick-up pharmacy at your MTF and receive confirmation when message sent.

B2. Can I add attachments or photos to my messages to my PCM?

Yes, when you choose Message your provider, click the attach a file option under the message box. The system is able to support WD, PDF, or JPG.

B3. What is a webVisit? Will I be charged?

A webVisit is the RelayHealth brand name for its message service that allows for an online medical evaluation between provider and an established patient. The webVisit guides a patient through an interactive interview process based on the primary complaint, and then builds a succinct message to the provider based on the answers given by the patient. There is no charge for military beneficiaries for this service.

B4. My child is 13, why can't I see her PHR information?

In accordance to HIPAA policy and State Legislation, parents are not given access to their children > 13 year PHR. Parental access should be discussed with the Provider and the dependent. MTFs should have documentation granting parental access.

B5. How do I set up an individual account for my dependent child?

Once you set up an individual child account, you will not be able to message their provider. To transfer their record, log onto your MiCare account. On the navigation bar, select Health Record. Click the family member's health record tab.

On the navigation to the left, select Transfer This Record.

Review the process statements and enter the family member's email address.

Click Transfer.

B6. My child is unable to have her/his own account, how can I remain as an authorized user?

RelayHealth allows an adult to request to message on behalf of another adult (adult surrogate for another adult). This can be useful for adults caring for elderly family members or for a family member without ready access to MiCare SM. Providers and staff using SM are authorized to accept these adult for adult surrogate relationships but must have permission from the other adult in writing before a practice accepts this relationship. The recommended form is the DD Form 2870 (Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information) with specific annotation of the adult being given permission to send and receive medical information on their behalf via secure messaging (this should be written in block 8 of section II).

B7. What types of educational material are available to me on RelayHealth?

RelayHealth provides information on thousands of diseases, conditions, procedures, and medications in plain language that patients can understand. Current topics include pediatric, adult, women's, and senior health issues, as well as specialty areas such as behavioral health and sports medicine.

B8. Can I download my PHR information?

Yes, by clicking the Blue Button - you can download your data into a PDF file.

B9. Who is SpinSys and why am I getting emails from them?

Spin Systems is the contractor responsible for managing the database that populates the MiCare personal health record.

C1. Who is the MiCare Team?

Each MTF has a MiCare Team that helped deploy and sustains the MiCare Secure Messaging system, and is also available for questions and issues.

C2. I can't see my PHR, who do I contact?

Sometimes, the system needs to update; if you cannot see your PHR wait a few days, and if still unable to see PHR, then call your clinic.

C3. How long does it take for me to see my lab results?

Your provider might order labs for you and depending on the type of labs, it could take a few days to weeks. Generally, you should wait about 3-5 days for the results to populate into your PHR. Any critical values will be addressed by your provider.

C4. Why am I still connected to my old PCM?

When patients PCS or move to a new area, they are provided with a new PCM. If the MTF did not properly disconnect you from your old MTF, you might still be connected. You can disconnect yourself by removing the old PCM from your account. Once in your account, click Your Providers. Under the action column, click Remove.

C5. Why am I given choices for civilian pharmacies when I always use the MTF pharmacy?

RelayHealth is a contracted company that providers secure messaging to civilian practices, therefore, the system allows choices for civilian pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens. If you typically pick up your meds at the MTF, then choose that pharmacy, otherwise, you will incur a copay when using out-of-network locations.

C6. What can't I request my own referral?

Typically, your PCM would like to discuss your need or issue prior to referring you to a specialist. Often times, it can be resolved by your PCM. If you do need to see a specialist, your provider will follow the referral process according to your MTF.

C7. Why does it take my PCM so long to answer my message?

MiCare is for non-urgent issues, therefore, typically your PCM and team will respond to your messages within 72 hrs.

C8. Whom should I contact at the MTF to get my information corrected - can I do it over the phone?

Any changes to your DEERS enrollment should be addressed with the DEERS office. Changes to your email, address, or phone number can be completed on the RelayHealth site under Account.

C9. How can I cancel my MiCare account?

If you would like to cancel your account, please log onto your MiCare account. In the navigation pane, click Account. Click Cancel Account and confirm.

D1. I already have a MiCare account, why am I getting these enrollment error notifications now?

An enrollment error notification occurs when an invalid update (ADT) for a previously enrolled patient is sent by Relay Health. This invalid update causes a rejection and the enrollment error notification email is sent to the patient.

Support for the Troops

How can I send donated items to deployed troops?

Humanitarian-related items can be processed for shipment via The Funded Transportation Program. The Funded Transportation Program provides door-to-door surface transportation of humanitarian aid to worldwide destinations at little or no cost to the donor. Potential shipments are reviewed for appropriateness and feasibility on a case-by-case basis. All organizations and individuals interested in shipping to worldwide destinations are encouraged to contact the Program Manager for the Funded Transportation Program at (703) 601-3854. Guidelines and an online application for this program can be found at http://dentonfunded.ohasis.org.

How can I support the troops?

There are a number of ways in which you can support the troops - email greetings, donations to service relief agencies, volunteering in your local community. A list of organizations with troop support programs is available on the Defend America Web site.

Please do not collect candy, cookies, or personal items without prior DoD approval.