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UPDATE: Medical Group improving quality of life

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- The 325th Medical Group is preparing to renovate its main structure and overall site with the goal of improving quality of life for Airmen, family members and patients.

Construction is slated to begin July 19, 2017, however, initial preparations for the construction project began April 11 with the arrival of temporary facilities for some services. 

“The project came about as our facility is 50 years old and while our structural integrity is sound, our mechanical and electrical infrastructure needed to be addressed,” said Michael Palase, 325th MDG facility manager.

A total of $47 million is going into the renovation project with both the original mechanical and electrical systems being completely replaced, as they are at the end of their life cycle, Palase added.

The 50-year-old facility is also getting plumbing improvements, along with a covered canopy for the main entrance drop-off area and Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection upgrades around the medical grounds. 

To help with ATFP measures, the medical campus landscaping and parking lot layouts will be modified to provide a buffer zone of 60 feet around the facility.

“The ATFP upgrades will give us a natural barrier all around the facility so it will make it safer for our patients during times of higher [threat] levels,” said Palase.

The renovation project is estimated to be completed by March 2019, Palase stated.

“Please be patient with us during this time as we make major improvements to better serve our patients,” Palase said. “This investment is valuable to everyone because we are modernizing and providing a world-class facility to better serve our patients and staff and extend the life of the building another 30 years.”

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