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Good posture key to healthy running form

24 March 2017
The age-old saying, “no pain, no gain” used by athletic coaches in the weight room is a lie. The

Put Your Best Fork Forward

03 March 2017
March is National Nutrition Month® (NNM) this year’s theme “Put Your Best Fork Forward" serves as a

Exercise away the Winter Blues this Holiday Season

30 December 2016
The winter season is upon us, and with it comes shorter days and chilly weather.  Unfortunately, the

Tasty Recipes For People With Diabetes and Their Families

06 December 2016
Click Here: Tasty Recipes for People with Diabetes and Their Families

Controlling Portion Sizes

22 November 2016
Thanksgiving will be here soon, and with it the temptations that come with everyone's favorite

In remission, McConnell civilian helps others prevent cancer

01 October 2016
Cancer can be a devastating beast. However, one member of the McConnell Air Force Base community managed to get the upper hand and continues to live her life with a positive outlook while helping others.

Complex connection between social media, suicide, prevention

01 September 2016
As social media continues to grow in popularity, mental health specialists across the country are

AF medical leader discusses suicide prevention program improvements

01 September 2016
Maj. Gen. Dorothy Hogg, the Air Force Deputy Surgeon General, met with the House Armed Services

An Overview of Green Dining

24 August 2015
By now you've probably heard about the green, yellow and red labels on foods in the DFAC if you or your spouse get meals or snacks then. Air Force Personal Center Food & Beverage has taken all the work out of figuring out what's healthy or not with "Go for Green," a food labeling system making its way across the military.

Make Your Own Trail Mix

24 August 2015
Control what goes in the mix, so you can control what you get out of it.

Five Ways to Upgrade Your Lunch

24 August 2015
Making a few swaps can elevate your meal to another level: a healthy one. Lunch is an important meal - you still have half your day ahead of you, so you need the right fuel to keep you going without weighing you down. Try some of these suggestions for making your usual lunch a little bit healthier by reducing fat, sugar or calories.

Shrink Your Plate, Shrink Your Waist

24 August 2015
Portion sizes can be out of control, and they have been increasing over the years. Take hamburgers for example - they are three times larger now than they were in the 1950's, according to the CDC.

Nutrition A to Z

24 August 2015
Eating right is about more than just weight control. It's about preventing your kids from conditions like obesity and diabetes, living a full and healthy life, and looking and FEELING good!

Build a Better Meal at AAFES Express

24 August 2015
In a rush? Don't have time to cook a meal but don't want to get weighed down by greasy, fried, fast food? Try putting together your own "fast food" at the Express store. Skip the sugary drinks and candy bars - those will just spike your energy and send you crashing. Try one of the low-fat, high-protein combinations below or choose foods with the orange Operation: BeFit label.

How to Save Time in the Kitchen

24 August 2015
The new year has officially started, so your schedule is probably jam-packed. The good news is you don't need to sacrifice better-for-you foods for the sake of time. Healthy foods can be just as quick as fast foods, and will make you feel a whole lot better about what you're feeding your family. There are plenty of fast options that don't involve a drive-through.

Master Snacking Skills and Eat Smarter

24 August 2015
Mindless snacking can pack on the pounds, and many of us have learned that lesson the hard way. That doesn't mean snacking is bad, it just means we could all use a few lessons on how to use snacks to boost energy between meals without stuffing ourselves full of junk. Here are eight "master snacking skills" that will take you from beginner to pro in no time at all.

The Real Deal About Your Meals

26 May 2015
What is healthy eating? Your best friend tells you to follow one plan, your family is telling you something different, and your co-worker is touting the latest trend in “healthy” eating! They look good, so who do you trust?

Healthy Eating & Travel

26 May 2015
Travel, whether for work or pleasure, is part of the American dream. Unfortunately, travel and healthy eating doesn't always go together. We think of healthy as boring or rigid, yet healthy eating and travel can be a perfect pair. Healthy eating when you travel presents opportunities to try new foods, leaves you feeling energized and ready for whatever adventure comes your way, and results in going home from vacation and not feeling compelled to begin the latest fad diet! Travel plus healthy eating means you take a break from your everyday routine, but your health doesn't.