The primary objective of the ADAPT Program is to promote readiness, health, and wellness through the prevention and treatment of substance misuse and abuse. The ADAPT Program is designed to identify risk factors and help individuals avoid hazardous substance use before it causes significant damage to their health and career.

The ADAPT Program offers:

  • Substance abuse awareness outreach: Briefings offered to ensure members of the community understand the definitions and risks of hazardous substance use, as well as available options for seeking help.
  • Substance Use Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of substance use covers demographic, family, social, behavioral, psychological, spiritual, and medical factors. Standardized questionnaires are combined with a clinical interview to identify risk factors and to make recommendations for treatment or prevention services.
  • Alcohol Brief Counseling (ABC): ABC includes an individualized consultation to provide feedback from the assessment and develop a personalized change plan. Education is provided on AF and DoD substance use policy and related civilian laws. ABC may also include modules on values clarification, anxiety or anger management, assertive communication, healthy thinking, sleep enhancement, and relaxation.
  • Substance abuse treatment services (group/individual): Individual and group treatment services are provided to individuals who are addressing substance abuse or dependency issues. Referrals to higher levels of substance abuse treatment, such as intensive outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment, will also be provided when needed.
  • Other resources include:
    • Initial civilian employee assessment for work-related misconduct that is related to substance use, as well as referrals for treatment, education, and prevention classes.
    • Family programs, including individual and group counseling sessions.
    • Civilian supervisor training, first duty station, and key-personnel briefings.